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Has anybody tryed to use the Fabook API for Air fro Android? Is it just me or when you call the webView for the FacebookMobile.login there is no cancel button o.O ?
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Lol. I guess if push comes to shove at least you have the source code.
nm. I guess that doesn't help. Maybe you're supposed to use the device's Back button?
wow... another nice bug of FB APi....I didn't notice it.
I hate that API!!
Now I'm using it on mobile webapps, thinking that everything could work better than AS3.
Instead I already discovered there is a bug that often (not always) show the permission page in indonesian instead of your language (a facebook bug.. not by sencha)

Or other times there are bugs with the logout button that doesn't work; in the past they change the parameter name from perms to scope... after this you needed to upload your facebook pages on https hosting and so on.

I don't know how a lot of companies can make 100% of their business on Facebook development.
That API is cool but at the same time it's a shame.
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