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last light | pescadero, california

HQ version:

Earlier this week +Peter Giordano and I met up out on the coast for some late afternoon / sunset shooting.  Here's one of the last (and favorite) shots I got that day.

#coastalthursday  I'm either late or early for +Coastal Thursday :)
#10000photographers  +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS by +Robert SKREINER 
#pixelworld  +PixelWorld by +Alberto Carreras 
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I don't blame you!  It's beautiful!
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pinball | san francisco, california

Thanks to a pro tip from +BJ Del Rosario during yesterday's Worldwide Photowalk, I grabbed a shot of this staircase from above.

On 500px:

#wwpw2013   #wwpw   #escher  
#monochromemonday  +Monochrome Monday
#10000photographersbwmonochrome  +10000 Photographers BW 
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Awesome photo +Lorenzo Montezemolo 
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The Pigeon Point Lighthouse, AutoAwesomized.

Well, the lighthouse photos in this series probably (definitely) aren't worth posting individually (apparently I don't know how to focus my camera, heh).  But when G+ automagically autoawesomizes them, they do make for a fun animation.  Thank you for the cool feature +Google+ Photos team!

Thanks as well to +Cameron Siguenza, +Laurie Rubin, +Barry Blanchard, +Paul Porter and +Paul Moody for such a fun outing.  Winter is's our time!

#autoawesome   #lighthouse
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Gorgeous presentation, as well as all your work +Lorenzo Montezemolo.
Hey, I always see you around Facebook at Jaycee Crawford stream :).
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Lorenzo Montezemolo

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r i a l t o | Venezia

500px version:

So yeah, I've been away from G+ for some time.  I guess it's been about two months.  I had a lot going on and limited time, so some things had to give and G+ was one of them.   I'm glad to be back.  I see a few improvements were made during my absence, including the new online Snapseed editing tools.  I might try one of the tools on another upload, but for now let me post this one from Venice sans Nik/G+ plugins.  It got plenty of treatment with Nik tools during my computer-based processing, so I don't think it needs any additional help.

I hope everyone's doing well and I look forward to catching up on some of what I've missed.
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These pictures are almost indescribable, they're so lovely.  Places I've never been but would LOVE to go, just to wake up the imagination!  THANK YOU for sharing! 
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Hey all you monochrome people, +Robert SKREINER, +Joel Tjintjelaar, +Heimo MAUSER and +Gemma Costa are curating a photo contest just for you over at the +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS theme.  Go check it out and enter.
+10000 Photographers BW Monochrome ► ❶st Contest
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Theme: Your „Top BW Monochrome Photos“

Contest Rules & Conditions:
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Please add +10000 Photographers BW Monochrome to your circles
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The final decision about the winners is made by
an international and independent jury.
+10000 Photographers BW Monochrome ►❶st Contest
Mon, October 21, 2013, 3:00 AM

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You are welcome, dear +Lorenzo Montezemolo 
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s i z z l e | woodside, california

Don't mess with Mother Nature.  End of story.  
HQ version:

#10000photographersbwmonochrome  +10000 Photographers BW by +Robert SKREINER +Gemma Costa +Joel Tjintjelaar and +Heimo MAUSER  
#plusphotoextract  by +Jarek Klimek  
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Incredible capture +Lorenzo Montezemolo! Great black and white processing.
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closer to fine | san gregorio, california

I went back to the archives and found a diamond in the rough.

Also on 500px:

#longexposure   #blackandwhitephotography   #10000photographersbwmonochrome  +10000 Photographers BW 
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Thanks, +Jim Lundgren! Now heading over to see what shots you've been rockin' lately.
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sound asleep | fiordland, new zealand

I think I mention this every time I post a shot from Milford Sound, but what an amazing, dynamic, magical, mystical place this is. We arrived just as morning light was beginning to show, and we stayed well over an hour shooting the scene as the clouds, the light and the colors were all constantly changing. It's amazing how many different "looks" this place has in my various photos of it...all taken within an hour of each other.

There aren't that many places that I would say have affected me more than this place did. You just feel as if you're in a completely different world.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend....

#landscapephotography   #hdrphotographers   #newzealandphotography  
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Very nice shot +Lorenzo Montezemolo
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silk | davenport, ca

Such an epic outing this was. Sure, it ended with my camera getting doused with sea water, but it was well worth it given the photographic bounty with which I left that beach.  And my camera and the attached lens are just fine.  Score.

500px view:

#landscapephotography   #santacruz   #sunsetphotos  
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Sounds good +Ceci A.  Let me know whether you'll be free on Sunday.  I have a photo workshop all day Sat, but I'm pretty sure I'll be free on Sunday.
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Lorenzo Montezemolo

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busy bee | granada hills, ca
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