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Why Google, Target, and General Mills Are Investing in Mindfulness

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Evernote Is Ending Support for Clearly and Most Versions of Skitch

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Four fundamentals of workplace automation

The point of the article as I understand it is that there are automate able tasks within everyone's job, even doctors, lawyers and executives and by automating them people can focus on the important aspects of our jobs i.e. the emotional and creative aspects.

Undoubtedly, these advancements will displace people as productivity increases, but personally I would love to see society to try and adopt a 4 day work week instead.


Are there any plans for adding a feature to allow users to add bullets via other apps or through x-callback url schemes?

I find Workflowy great for brainstorming, planning and journalling, but fails (for me) when I just want to add a quick note.


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The Six Lists You Need To Make Every Day Productive
This is a good 'back-to-basics' article that's focused on the central part of all productivity systems: the almighty lists!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Only Have One Goal The Rest of Your Life

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Good write up on how to be productive with news, blogs, etc. I have a very similar methodology, myself. 

Hi all!

I'm a husband and father of 2. I'm an IT Director in Capital Markets Regulatory Reporting. Managing a decent sized department of Application Development professionals and an app stack keeps me busy and is always a test of my organizational skills.

I'm nostalgic about paper based systems but ultimately find myself using digital all the time for the flexibility and agility it provides. I spent a few months on the Bullet Journal system last year and thought it was the best paper based system out there but ultimately went back to my phone/tablet/online systems.

Currently, my productivity suite at work is heavily based in Outlook to keep a track of my commitments. For (almost) everything else, I use Taskpaper on my iPad using Editorial and Dropbox. It's basically plain text with a bit of structure so it's very flexible and fits my needs as they continue to evolve and grow. I used to use Evernote but that hasn't been the case for a long time now.

I'm also very interested in tips and tools on how to keep a team focused and productive.

Looking forward to the discussions here. 

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For those of you into iOS automation.
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