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Somebody called me dead today. Charming. I stopped making the videos he liked so he said I'm dead. That's my social media experience. A guy wanting me fucking dead because I stopped making videos he liked. This shit is all so beneath me. My talent, my vibes, all of it. That's why I'm so condescending, because I should be. Freaks, just too many freaks.
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Don't judge us all because some guy is an asshole :/
I don't know. It puts you in the company of Mark Twain: "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."
+Emily Manning it just sucks and just like the stupid Ayn Rand book all the cool people are going to go away one day, and these asses will only have each other. I'll be in the country with the other smart guys making great shit and just watching it with real friends and they'll be doing the same. No one likes demented "fans".
And here I thought I was the weird one to enjoy the puppets so much.
you of all peeps know you are always gonna piss some people off....but your content is breath of fresh air
we need a new term for not SoMe..hmm..

RealPeopleExperience or RPE
it's not a new term but i think it's called life
less freaks than youd think.. google hypes the
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