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"You're grown-ups! You're Adults!"
"Just be interesting and engaging until then: How 'bout that?!? "
Did you see the +Danny Sullivan rants?(...)
I swear i wanna give him an Entitlement Flavoured Lollypop...
Great video Loren.
"Complaining About Something That Doesn't Exist Yet" - sign of the times. Genius vid, good sir.
You just rocked my freaking world!
Epic smackdown. Well-played, sir!
I'm watchin men go over the Alps in bicycles...the contrast to these whiny fuckers here, complaining top-down, publicly, from their own imaginary ego thrones, about nothing, is astounding.
Seconded, +1'ed, etc. "Just be interesting and engaging until then..." seems to be the most favorite part for quite a few... I'm one of them. Well said.
Oh dear heavens, please don't ever block me. I'll behave. I promise. I just don't want to miss a video like this. Ever.

"I'm sure they can manage building a brand page if you can manage being interesting to have something to put on it when they actually invent the thing." -- Simply awesome.
Are you insane?! You want people to be human? FFS. Why can't I just be a brand? Why do I have to be nice and helpful and interesting? WHY!? You ask too much Mr. Feldman. ;)
Thanks for all the kind words.Glad you enjoyed.
hahaha awsome..... you just gained a follower!
Yes, +Loren Feldman, I also just followed you... and I really don't care if you follow me back. In fact, you better not because I will probably say something motivational and piss you off, LOL!
Go Feldman!

I can imagine for some Twitter attention seekers being on here and being let off the 1 sentence leash they just cant help themselves.
Well said it is like a slap on the face. This video holds good for all the G+ complainers also.
Right on target.

I know brands are likely part of the future business model for Google+, but I couldn't give a fuck about them. I'd rather Google takes it's time, and gets everything right for the average user first.
When I complain... I complain about Loren Feldman complaining.
Do you still do Monday Matters? It doesn't matta...
Well now you have your precious traffic Loren, I shared it.
Loren, is this a shiney new you tube account? good to see and hear your bark again. also, whats goin on with the kids project?
Hi Chad no that puppet is not me. My puppet shows are funny.
loren, are you wearing paisley suspenders? if so, i hereby revoke your man card.
Appreciate you putting yourself out there, but feel you went for the low hanging fruit with this topic. And +Chris Forbes puts it best - "What irony giving the URL at the front and end of the video to drive traffic"
Andy, people need to know who's talking. Do you see any ads on my site dumbass?
Oh oh... i love me some fresh meat. I want some andy filet mignon with green pepper sauce, s'il vous plait
Andy is an idiot and I can't be bothered Nuno. Not like the old days no fun anymore,
Greatest. Video. Evar. Thank you!
On the spot! Thinking the same thing here, that's why i also first like to use g+ for myself to adpot the new tehnology and the new way of communicating. And then later on, when g+ is ready for a business profile, rock it hard.
absolutely love it! very honest, very true and very amusing way to 'talk' about this topic!
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