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It's official. This is really sad to me.
Bowing to the competition online, the encyclopedia's publisher said the 2010 edition, a 32-volume set that weighs in at 129 pounds, would be the last.
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+Fred Krueger Yellowpages make excellent toys for bored parrots! :)

Every time we get one it saves us about $40 from the toy budget.
Just read this too and it hit me similarly. I remember copying many an article on the history of the state of Missouri as a 4th grader. (It was research!)

The Internet is great and all hail Wikipedia, but it doesn't have the "seriousness" of a big line of Encyclopedias. (And how pretty were they sitting on a shelf?)
+James Wester - one of Wikipedia's co-founders, Larry Sanger, started a project called Citizendium as a collection of expert-approved articles. His reasons for starting Citizendium are detailed in this Reed (College) Magazine article

It's a different financial model than that used by Encyclopaedia Britannica (Citizendium solicits donations, just like his old friend Jimmy Wales does - well, maybe not in the same way that Wales does), and less than 200 articles are "expert approved" , but Citizendium at least attempts to address the "seriousness" issue.
And soon libraries will have nothing in them but sex predators watching porn on library computers, like they do at Kinkos, er Fed Ex Office, now.
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