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Heading to barcamp in Portland, the best barcamp around. PDX will rock today with some hot discussions and speakers. Brainstorming galore. Come join us and come by and say hi. We're talking WordPress, web publishing, and what is critical to know and do as a professional web designer and web developer as part of our Clark College curriculum restructuring and getting WordPress on campus permanently.
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OH! I'll be following you today, too. Keep reporting great stuff. I'll be speaking so not able to get to everything. Awesome. Send greetings from BarcampPDX!
I'm mostly using our hashtag in Twitter as I don't see this crowd much in G+ yet. +Ryan Duff is presenting now on WP basics :)
+Lorelle VanFossen heh - yep. He was there for about half the day. I tweeted a pic of his WordPress for everyone session - showing off his bookmarks on his browser (all weather - no surprise). I put the word out on #wcnyc and hope to see some people make it there :) How'd your day go?
+Courtney Engle It was amazing. I did three sessions, one partnered with the department head of Computer Technology at Clark - which wasn't my goal. My goal was to do the partnered presentation and enjoy myself but a few people asked about WordPress and...there it goes a typical Barcamp where anything can happen.

And it did. What amazing presenters. I heard great things and listened to some amazing people doing powerful things. One treat was a presentation by Bart Massey on IF games. My husband won awards for his IF game 15 years ago, so what a treat to find a college doctoral student thriving in the world of text-based adventure games (Interactive Fiction) after all those years. We created a simple game during the 50 minutes of the presentation. It was too much fun! What memories it brought back - and how far Inform 7 has brought game writing forward. It's gotten my head all wired on how to incorporate this more into some fun things I have always wanted to do with Inform...stay tuned!

Portland is the perfect town for Barcamps. People get it. The facility was great and the people attending were fabulous. What a great day!
Barcamp in Harrisburg is much the same. I dodged presenting this time but was happy to share input where appropriate throughout other sessions. I might share next year, but tend to present only every other year or so there. I do like randomness of the day, but with it comes a very wide array of interests and depth of field.
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