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Scrivener on Surface Pro 4 Fix

I love the portability of Scrivener on the new Surface Pro 4 but the high resolution and tired eyes makes seeing the micro buttons and menus impossible. After messing with the screen options to change fonts and resize, I found the better fix:

It isn't as complicated as it sounds and it works. Didn't even have to reboot. This makes writing anywhere and any time with Scrivener work and work well. THANKS!
It’s difficult to express how excited I am to share this fix. I realize that it will only be useful to a small number of people in the world, but for those few, those frustrated few — m…
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Thanks! I made this fix today, after putting up with tiny icons for way too long.
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Knock-out-of-the-park Job at RootsTech 2016!

I just wanted to tell everyone at RootsMagic that you all had a fabulous booth and the folks there were amazing to talk to. Well done and fabulous job at RootsTech. Thanks for being there and being such a wonderful part of this industry for us. 
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Thanks Lorelle!  I also don't understand John's comments.
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Lorelle VanFossen

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There you go.

Women write better code, study suggests -
Computer code written by women has a higher approval rating than that written by men - but only if it is not obvious that the coders are female, new research suggests.
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Lorelle VanFossen

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Another example of why the fight against spammers won't win unless we make it not worth the effort. This is just embarrassing.

Spam text programmer spared jail -
A computer expert avoids jail after being convicted of helping send millions of spam messages.
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Lorelle VanFossen

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Words and Pictures: Writing and Photography on the Web Course

Last chance to get in on the exciting Words and Pictures workshop Saturday at Newspace Photography Center. We're exploring photoblogging and visual storytelling on the web. Saturday 12-3PM Portland, Oregon.
Words and Pictures: Photoblogging and Web Publishing for Photographers. Description: This three-hour workshop teaches you to write for the web and how to mix words and images to create a photoblog or website. Writing for the web is different from traditional writing, though built on the same ...
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Lorelle VanFossen

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The big 20! Congrats!
A brief glimpse behind the scenes at how the Internet Archive approaches preserving the web, from its millions of datasets to the role of the Wayback Machine to its changing stance on robots.txt
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Transvestite Vampire Nuns book up for prize -
A consideration of cult films and a photographic history of Soviet bus stops are among the contenders for an award given to the year's oddest book title.
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Cleaning Up Sources

Due to merges and the longevity of my family tree in various software programs, my master source list is a mess. I'm having trouble cleaning it up in RootsMagic.

There is automerge, which gives me fear.

There is manual editing, but duplicate sources such as census, marriage records, and the like are often the main source. I can't easily open the people's data to change the source data to details from the Source List screen, or am I missing something?

When I merge duplicate source items, what happens to the details? They stay, I presume, but I worry what happens when the details are in the source info for one person or a family, and not in the details.

I know I'm speaking to my peeps, so you understand what I'm saying. Help? :D Thanks.
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+Nadine Guilbault I'm with you.
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Lorelle VanFossen

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Love it that India is fighting for net neutrality when we can barely spell that in the US.

India blocks Zuckerberg's free net app -
India's telecoms regulator blocks Facebook's limited free internet service as part of a ruling in favour of net neutrality.
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Lorelle VanFossen

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A little houekeeping?

Twitter suspends 125,000 'terrorism' accounts -
Twitter has suspended more than 125,000 accounts since mid-2015 "for threatening or promoting terrorist acts", the social media company says.
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Lorelle VanFossen

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Could 'method writing' be the future for novelists? What about bloggers? 😄
Could writers benefit from the same tactics as method actors, who immerse themselves in extreme surroundings in order to prepare for a role?
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Lorelle VanFossen

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Update WordPress Now

If you haven't updated or kept updated with WordPress, update immediately. No more waiting. A month ago I updated a site from 3.1 to the latest with no compatibility issues with Plugins or Themes - unbelievable but it worked. Defend your site now and always keep it updated to the latest version of WordPress.

It's getting too dangerous out there not to.
WordPress Vulnerability - WordPress 3.7-4.4 - Authenticated Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
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Me too
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