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Just made a new post on a blog I am trying to make, which outlines my thoughts and processes in my IT based endeavors. Weather it be in Hardware or Software related subjects. From modifications to reviews to website design e.c.t...
Greetings, today I shall discuss the upgrade on my GPU "Sapphire Radeon 7970", this being an upgrade to heat distribution and noise levels. Most recently I have found that my 7970 seems to be worki...

Lord Christoff

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Lord Christoff

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Time for some Tekkit! Need to make shiz yo!

Lord Christoff

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Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens.

Lord Christoff

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David tennant as Doctor Who! Best Doctor 2005+

Lord Christoff

Shared publicly  - is back up for the time being, feel free to come and say hello !
Null-Sec is designed from the ground up to help bring you the best quality hacking and security experience.

Lord Christoff

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Leaching the internet from Homebase, I guess its better than nothing. Time to look up Windows server and SQL management e.c.t....

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Sup, latest (goodish) picture of me.
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Besides, I don't think I submitted that much on Null-sec to be honest anyway.

Lord Christoff

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Lord Christoff

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Southport, Partly sunny, 17°, Have a good day! #EZWeather# #EZWeather
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Hello there.
Greetings one and all, I am LordChristoff. Not much is going on with me at the moment, I attended a HND in E - Commerce and Mobile Application Development and failed it due to personal distractions at the time. Since then I got depression, changed my sleeping pattern so that I wake up at night and avoid any sort of Human Contact, hate myself on a daily basis and have no idea what I am doing with my life.

I am the emotionless robotic sort of person that has no idea how to express emotions or deal with emotions from others. Like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, don't blame me if I say something then regret it later.

I did have a good friend on the internet a while ago (you know who you are) but I said harsh things that I regret 1-2 years later. Things that would not have been me, but depression talking. But I got no chance to explain myself..

Thats the sort of person I am.

So yea.
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Student HND (level 5) in E - Commerce and Mobile Application Development (computer science) Ending August 12th
Amateur Website Designer and Developer including skills in: HTML4/5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, MySQL (sort of).
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