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Alright. This is another mock up for the Play Store. I'm trying to find a way to make the Featured section a little more like the current tiles but so far I can't seem to squeeze them anywhere. So I did this to see how it fairs. Basically a little drop down menu in the app itself. You pull it down from the blue arrow and scroll down to see more featured apps.

The idea just got to my head so for those you like it and have tweaking suggestions, please comment below.

For those who don't like the idea, please offer a different suggestion and I will try to mock it up as best as I could. =)

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I like it quite a bit. But I'd maybe try putting a slight drop shadow effect on the side menu, so it just gets that little bit of depth to it, make it look as the main content area is casting a shadow over it. The side menu should look as tho it's behind the main content, IMO.
Good suggestion. I'll add the effect soon. :)
Navigation is confusing for me here (my 2 cents):
+ I don't get the Up button's caret pointing to the right.
+ The blue arrow from the Featured area does not tell the user, at first sight, that it's expandable because it looks like the indicator that we have now for tabs/swiping.
+ I'm confused by the left and right carets used in each section. What do they indicate?
If the left ones indicate that there is a fly-in menu, what are the right ones for?
+ Google requires a Featured graphic image (
Where are you going to use that?

I like the Fly-in menu idea but then you'll have to think about the Categories which already use the feature. 
Dude, awesome work! When you finish it I'll make a blog post about this work on +Android Play :)
Thanks for the feedback +David Ta.

The carets are a little of yes, I will be fixing this one the next update.

What I had in mind for the blue arrow is that, the first time you would open the app, it will notify you of  what the arrow does. Kinda like when you first turn on you phone and it gives you all these little tutorials about the app drawer and so on. But I will be making a slight adjustment to it as well.

Feature graphic image is something I am still working on. The above was just a thought that came to me and just wanted to give it a go. 

The fly-in menu (what I have in mind at the moment) is only triggered when you click on the Play icon at the corner. If you were to swipe all the way to the left, it would still take you to the normal Categories menu. =)

This is still far from finished so hopefully in the next update, I'll make things a bit clearer to understand.

Thanks again. 
Solely for marketing reasons, the «featured» list will need to be expandable; the point about featured apps is to be as "in your face" as possible, compare the current Play Store.

Also do take care not to overlook the button padding... the elements in your action bar are spaced way too widely (and triggered my CDO).
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