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Free Gift Cards by Completing Surveys
Free Gift Cards by Completing Surveys

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Hi there Looters, my apologies for the late reply to the site status. It looks like the site is back and stable again. Happy earning!

Hi Looters. A very happy new year from everyone at Loot Palace, we hope this year will be filled with many gift cards and much happiness

Hi there Looters, an unfortunate message from out HyprMX advertisers:

Due to the high levels of looter fraud recently, HyprMx has been temporarily deactivated until we upgrade our fraud management system. Our apologies to legitimate Looters.

A very merry Christmas to all of our Looters! Everyone who has an order for a gift card placed should receive theirs today :)

Hi there Looters, it appears that the issue has been fixed.
After investigating, we have found that the root cause is because of changes made by our hosting provider. We have raised a ticket with the hosting provider. The ticket has been escalated, but we don’t yet have a timeframe for resolution.
Missing plunder points? We receive notifications from our offerwall providers if plunder points don’t credit, but it will take us some time to process these transactions manually. Please do not raise a ticket for missing plunder points until the site has been back online for 48hours
We won’t be able to process gift card orders this week.
We apologise to all our Looters for the inconvenience.

Hi there guys, my apologies for the downtime today. We had some incompatibilities with our server and software. It should be fixed very soon

It appears that the site is back up and running! If anything is the matter, please report it here so I can take care of it.

We are reverting the site back to an older version on Wednesday, we hope that this fixes a lot of the problems we've been having.

It appears that we are on the right track of fixing the problem, we aren't completely there yet, it shouldn't take that much longer.

To everyone who didn't get credit today because of the database errors, please send a ticket as soon as the site is back up. I'll fix it.
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