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This is our Best in Travel top 10 selection of countries to visit in 2013. Do you agree with our selection?
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I loved #Srilanka   True is very pretty, off beat, lots to explore, serene, blissful , excellent food & real value for money . #LonelyPlanet   . But the other places are definitely in my to-do list 
So ready to leave on a plane...right now...immediately. Thanks #lonelyplanet  
I'm surprised South Korea got a mention. I used to live there. While there are a lot of English teachers there, there aren't actually a lot of tourists. Definitely has some great temples and hiking. 
South Korea seems to be the destination for 2013, so many travel bloggers recommending it.  I must go!  Absolutely agree with Montenegro, it is one country that blew me away! Great list overall:-)
+TravAddict It's worth checking out! If you want a city that doesn't sleep, Seoul is right up there. I lived in Gangnam (just like the song "Gangnam Style"). I'll have to go to Montenegro! Never been.
Montenegro? Really? I mean, don't get me wrong. It is truly super beautiful. And it has a lot to offer. But "off the beaten track"? Have you ever been there? In summer this place is stuffed full to the limit and the prices sky-rocket. It is a preferred travel destination with Russians and Serbians (again, don't get me wrong - I have nothing against them, but the fact is they have been going there for years now and they bring cash, lot's of it). Also Europeans do so. So, do yourself a favor and don't go during season or opt for the inland beauty instead.
Alternatively - and really off the beaten track - try out Bosnia or Albania.
Just came back from Montenegro. Been there for 35 days. Long trekking. Made the CT1 trail and much more. Christoph is right about the summer season next to the sea line, beaches are full. But I was there in September-October mostly in the mountain areas (NPs) and it was an empty country! So beautiful! No people! The locals are very friendly! ... Conclusion: if you visitting Montenegro off the season, you will find yourself off the beaten track. And don't forget to visit the inner parts of the country, and not just stay next to the sea! :)
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