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What is the value of online discussion? Show me.

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My mother had asked me why I had not been posting on my rural life blog over at the Devils Lake Daily Journal (I can always count on mom to notice!). I told her that I had taken on a rather large ghostwriting book project for a client that had eaten up most of the summer. That project is over, now, and I will try to do better posting at the DLJ blog. I hope you get a chance to read the posts I have scheduled for the upcoming months!

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Running for office in this election season? Always carry kitty snacks unless you want to lose some votes.

Last week I met with a friend who had signed up for an extensive online writing course that lasted a year that was no longer of interest for various reasons.

"Why do you keep trying to do the course?" I asked. He was clearly feeling guilty for falling behind on the lessons.

"It motivates me to write," he replied.

"If the only reason you're drowning in guilt over something you aren't learning from is for motivation, there are better ways to be motivated," I said. I gave him official permission to stop doing the course and not worry about it again. Sometimes we need someone to give us that kind of permission.

I then suggested picking at least one day a week to write just to get in the habit of it, before upping the amount. Ultimately, he wanted to write something longer and larger in scope, but didn't know what to write about.

"Just write whatever you want to now," I said. "You'll start to see themes emerge."

Assignment: Pick one day this week to write on whatever and however you want. If you write it on your blog, feel free to include the link in the comments of this post.

I know I'll be at my usual coffee shop at 9 am sharp this Wednesday, writing. Where will you be?

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I snagged a copy of "Creating Characters" at the bookstore, and it's turned out to be super helpful. Well-known authors and people in the literary world have created essays on characterization based around a structured approach. I highly recommend it.

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After attending a fantastic writer's conference in Montana last year, where professor/author James Hall presented several times, I bought his book "Hit Lit: Cracking the code of the Twentieth Century's biggest sellers." I highly recommend it.

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What's your favorite online writing class? I've been working through James Patterson's class on and have been really enjoying it. Direct, no frills, not pretentious, not overly precious. Rather refreshing.

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Are you from the North Dakota region? Like writing? Consider the North Dakota Writers group.

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If you were to look for a writing group, what qualities would matter the most to you? Would it be the size of the group (large or small), how often the met, whether or not a published writer was part of the group, where they met, what their meetings were like, and so on.

What would your ideal writing group provide to its members?

What would the ideal writing group meeting look like?
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Small group (4-6)
Large group (7+)

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If you're blogging for fun, maybe your solution for not feeling like writing a blog post is to just stop writing. But, if you're blogging for work or for professional purposes, you don't have that luxury. I've collected a few of the techniques I've used in the past 13 years of blogging to help you disinterested bloggers get going again. 
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