Announcing our very first Google Plus Hangout! On Thursday 26 April at 1pm we'll be running a Hangout with two of our violinists, Maxine Kwok-Adams and Rhys Watkins.

They'll be talking about life in the LSO, and discussing the thorny issue of dress in the concert hall - does the musicians' formal wear (white tie and tails) give the impression that we're old fashioned and fusty? Should the audience dress up formally or not?

We've got space for 8 people to join us next Thursday, so if you'd like to join us please post a comment below. First come, first served!

EDIT: check the time in your timezone here
(with thanks to +Frank Summers for the suggestion!)
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I'd love to, but I can't guarantee that I'll be there. Count me in if you don't fill up before the 26th. Otherwise, let someone in who is certain to be there. Would that be UTC+1 (8 AM, Montreal time)?
Great stuff so far everyone, thanks! +Jonathan Frazer, you're 5 hours behind us here, so yes that'll be 8am in Montreal! Cups of tea and coffee are welcome in the circle ;-)
Hi +Sheila B. DuBois looks like you're currently 7 hours behind us in the UK. So 1pm is 6am for you. Matchsticks and coffee! You are absolutely welcome to join us, of course, but if that's just a little too early for you, then you'll be able to watch the recorded version at a more sociable hour!
YEP Thanks! It would be 6 am for me Salt Lake City, Utah!
I can definitely be there at 6 am MST! I am really looking forward to it!
Hi, I'd be thrilled to join you Apr. 26th at 8am. Very much looking forward to meeting both of you!
I thought this would be great for my 94yr old poppa but I think 10pm AU CST will be too late. Where will the recorded version be?
Am I too late? I'd love to join in! I'm in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I think that means the hangout will be at 3am for me but I'd be there!!! The time is not a problem.
OK, we have our 8 Hangout participants: +Lee Smallwood +Jonathan Frazer +Markus Ahlberg +Frank Summers +ℓaura ℓawrie +Matt Beland +su ann lim +J.C. Kendall. Will be in touch with you all again on Monday with some more details.

For everyone else, you'll be able to watch this live On Air, and we'll give you the link to where this will be next week. And if you're in timezones that don't quite fit with ours, then it'll be available on YouTube to watch at your leisure.
Perfect! I can hardly wait... :)
+London Symphony Orchestra I am very sorry, but I just remembered that I have a breakfast appointment on Monday that will very likely extend through your hangout. I only scheduled it for an hour, so I had no conflict warning. I am extremeky disappointed to miss this hangout, and I hope you do more in the future that I can join. Please feel free to give my seat to another. Again, I appologise for this mistake I have made.
And yes, that'd be a lot of bacon! Lol. So happy that it's the other one I miss, as this one is more interesting to me.
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