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The veteran protester who burst into the Leveson Inquiry to accuse Tony Blair of being a war criminal told how easy it was to slip past security to heckle the former Prime Minister.
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Sad story really of a conspiracy obsessed delusional who probably needs help. We all have our views on Blair, like him or loath him .. agree or disagree with Iraq, but most of us have managed to move on with our lives. Just feel sad he hasn't.
I have to agree with Francis as its a shame that he's wasting his life on this vendetta and will never gain or win anything by it.
Ken S
Except that he is actually a war criminal. Do you think the Nazi hunters should move on with their lives too?
Its too easy to say that he's a war criminal. Come back with the rule of law that hes broken with substantive evidence and documented and signed accounts and then lets talk about it but until then opinion is not whats going to bring justice if its needed.
Ken S
Okay, genius, invading a country without UN sanction. Look it up yourself. You have the fucking Internet in front of you!

Lazy brains are all alike.
Lazy brains ha ha ha ha ..Ken, you are entitled to your opinion, but that's all it is, there's just as many people on the internet who find your opinion the lazy opinion, and that legally there was nothing to answer for.. But rather than getting into a mud slinging match about this, the point I originally made was, that you can have your OPINION .. that's fine, but to take it to the extent that this chap did, along with all sorts of delusional thinking (JP Morgan comment), is proof he needs help, and needs to get on with his life. I have no problem with people disliking Blair, or even holding an honest opinion about if the law was broken, bent or followed .. but to resort to name calling and over emotional outbursts and following the guy around and believing every conspiracy theory under the sun ... I just think that's sad!
Lazy people also tend to swear more and tend to ratherr emotionally unstable too
@michael I'm not lazy and I don't swear anymore but how can anyone label someone as "emotionally unstable" that is unless they have actually known the person?
I think he's referring to the deeds of the individual in question in the article, not the previous poster. I think there is a lot you can tell by a persons deeds, and breaking into a secure court to make some allegations which most right wing news papers would love to have (if only they were true) would indicate an instability of sorts. Hence why I suggested he needs help.
The fact is that Mr Blair had a meeting with Rupert Murdoch before going to war in Iraq.
Mr Blair had meetings with RM since 1997 and continues to do so today. . so what ?
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