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London Date Guide
Ideas, guides and reviews of the best places in London to go on a date.
Ideas, guides and reviews of the best places in London to go on a date.


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After something a little classical for a date? Check out our latest article on The Little Orchestra

For those who want to see something classical without all stuffiness that goes with it then look no further. The Little Orchestra is your answer. Based in East London, The Little Orchestra hosts relaxed and informal classical concerts in an unclassical…

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Love traditional French cuisine? Head to one of London's finest French restaurants - Galvin Bistrot de Luxe

Situated in Marylebone on Baker Street, the award-winning Galvin Bistrot de Luxe was the first of the Galvin brothers restaurants. It serves seasonal as well as classic dishes and is regularly voted London’s best french restaurant, With rich, fine food it…

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Read our latest article - Chotto Matte, a funky Nikkei restaurant in the heart of Soho

Chotto Matte is an exciting restaurant and bar in Soho that serves Nikkei cuisine; a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian dishes. Having never been to a Japanese Peruvian fusion restaurant before and having had recommendations from friends we thought we would…

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Better late than never - London Valentines Day Date Ideas 2015

Valentine’s Day is upon us yet again and this year falls on a weekend allowing you to take advantage of those precious days off work to spend some quality time with your loved one. A lot of people are adverse to Valentine’s Day due to the mass marketing,…

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Need a cosy restaurant in the West End? Read our latest article about the last bastion of 'old Soho' Andrew Edmunds

Nestled slap bang in the middle of Soho, Andrew Edmunds is a quintessential romantic restaurant. Twinkling candles, warm and cosy with chatter a plenty create what makes for a wonderful date and meal in London’s West End.

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Got a date at Old Street? Check out Portside Parlour

Close to Old Street Station at the top end of Rivington Street is Portside Parlour, a cosy candlelit bar serving tapas style food and well crafted cocktails. Originally started as a speakeasy on Broadway Market it has since moved to a more prominent area…

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Fancy a fresh and friendly Italian restaurant? Find out more about Briciole in the hear of Marylebone

Close to Edgware Road station in the heart of Marylebone sits the wonderful Briciole that thankfully happened upon me whilst on a date in the area. A light and airy café, restaurant and deli, Briciole is the epitome of laid-back Italian café culture.

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After an idea for a quirky date? Read our latest article - Bingo Mecca Great Date

Some of you may think that bingo halls are old fashioned, only for old ladies or hen do’s and generally just not your scene. You’re wrong, well, half wrong. I admit Bingo has a lot of stigma about it, it is full of old ladies but is also full of…

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The best prix fixe menu in the city, read our latest post - The Sign of The Don, a perfect restaurant for a week night date

Hidden in the heart of the City of London is The Sign of The Don, a bar and bistro tucked away down St Swithins Lane close to The Bank of England. Offering one of the best priced set menus in the city and set in a medieval cellar, The Sign of The Don is…

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Finally we have a new article out - Little Nan's in Deptford, Cocktails, Chintz and Novelty

Ever wanted to know what having a disco and cocktails round at your nan’s would be like? This is a question that plagued my mind and millions of others like me for quite a while, until now… Deep down Deptford way is Little Nan’s, the ultimate nan’s house…
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