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Still the fastest man in the world. Still Olympic champion. Congratulations Usain Bolt!
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Congratulation proved that you still the fastest in the world.
almost wrecked it bc some idiot threw a beer bottle in the way!!!!
My miami heat won and now bolt doing what he does best...taking care of business...
They said lightening never strikes twice! #BOLT
Surely the fastest man...........Congrats to Jamaica
Man he's fast, they don't call him bolt for nuthin right
Hahaha live the pose :):):)
bolts cool!!!!!!!!!
i wonder if he will brake his own world record 
so fast breaking his record ...two thumbs up man!!
JAMAICA!!!! THE BEST PART OF THE OLYPIC TRACK AND FIELD!! im team USA for every sport except male running, then I'm team Jamaica all the way!
he will remain champion and defend his title in 2016 
i like the US too bolt is just an exception :)
deffinetly Jamacia for Track&feild!!!
you can tell by my profile picture
the way he is looking at the camera creeps me out... go bolt though!
I remember watching him before on tv and I couldn't believe my eyes...he is so fast
he is talented players & he doing his job so well
Bo Woo
So fast as light

BOLT is the best last name for someone this fast!
Wow what did I just see?! :))  Happy Birthday Jamaica!  More cake to come!!!!!!
Just the fastest man, just unbeatable !
Congratulations on another super effort!!
more lyk the FASTEST MAN in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BOOOOOOOOOOOLT!!!!!!!!! #Bolt I am SO glad I didn't put any money down against him!
Forget superman. Flash is taking over and i never knew he was jamaican .
Everyone's eyes were glued to their TV screens for 10 seconds! LOL! Even mine!
i saw that race and it was a close one
still, well done Bolt!
hay good job usain i am your biggest fan
lots fasten man in da world faster than a cheetah
Why don't you share anything about Hamid Sourian victory?!
We should let him whiz alongside a bullet and he might outrun that as well!
Spoiler alert for those watching west of the games and watching it televised.
way awesome dude...congrats to u Mr. BOLT....
i love him even  though i am australian
USAIN  IS MINE!!! lol i love him well of course i am jamaican and i am in j amaica soo crazzyyy ova here
He is AMAZING!!!! I mean I'm quit fast but not that fast
Im more of a Pistoria fan. HE was the impressive one just BEING there! Go Blade Runner!
Kin T
Some people are born with talent, Bolt is truth to that
Who said lightning bolts didn't strike twice in the same place? Well he didn't know about Usain Bolt!! Amazing, only an 11 year old cheetah can sprint faster than him1
congrats keep running!!!!
deb C.
Amazing guy ....
He is the fastest i have ever seen in my life London!
Great job! Wish it were an American, but it's cool that he is still the fastest man in the world.
If The Flash was real, it would be him
with a last name like that, it was determined to happen :D. good for him!
Him winning makes me even prouder to be a jamaican BIG UP TO USAIN BOLT!!!!!!
I'm going to look up where Jamaica is on Google Maps! Congratulations, sir! :-)
Congratulations to all of the athletes in the Olympics..especially my 2 favorites Michael Phelps and Gabby Douglas!
I hate that Google+ doesn't filter these posts be region so people in the US don't get complete spoilers like this. This is one of my favorite events, and this post just ruined it for me. I guess I will not be logging on to G+ until the Olympics are over. Thanks for ruining this moment.
I can't wait to see Bolt run all out! :)
He should be called Insane Bolt! Simply the best!!!
Absolutely Amazing Athlete Congrats!!!!!!!!!
I bet a man in east LA or in the broncos could run faster if being chased by cops lol
Congratulations Bolt.. You deserve the Gold.
Lightning bolt remains the fastest runner on planet earth..... how i wish i can out run him publicly. Nice poae bolt i look forwar to compete with you some day 
freaking retarded usians stealing our jobs
Total awesome " the BOLT of LIGHTENING " !!! 
Bolt Bolt Bolt!!!!!! He is my inspiration!
Damn man,your fast! Well done buddy
Jamaica is filled with fast runners.
the world should watch out again......he is gonna make it as history repeats its fun forever
People. He is the best. And the greatest. Gwan boy.
Jamaica is proud once again. And look out 4 "Blake" in rio
Give China 5 years...then you'll see another world record broken lol!
I was jumping up and down! That is to awesome!
Adre E
you go BOLT represent ur island!!! <3
You are superb man............jai bolo BOLT MAN.....jai
WR & maintaining your inspirations to others! This Canadian says congratulations to you and your family for remaining your true selves! Winners! Inspiring!!

I would like him and admire him  if he wasn't so full of himself .
I remember this guy. He is the one who ran 100 m for less then 11 secns...
congrats worlds fastest Man...............
Lol that dude came from last too first in 3 seconds
what an appropriate last name
Show-Sprint-Super-Star Bolt!!!!! TOP!
Still waiting to see the race here in the West!!!!
Anywhere we can see a video in America of this race? NBC pretty much fails and doesn't allow the Olympics to be viewed online, so anyone with a link would be nice.
I would like him more if he wasn't so...cocky. 
Great photo. I commend him for looking into the camera and freaking me out.
he did win the final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ......................congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bOlt wOn gOld !!!.........cOngrats!!!
Once numero uno, always a numero uno!!!! :-)
its really bolt, like rapidly man
Bolt is awesome, I love this guy!
Congrats ..Usian..And Congrats Jamaica too....for producing extraordinary athletes 
Congarulation Usain Bolt. Still the finest & the fastest!!!!!!
Dammn can't i belive i missed this very special event...anyways congratulations Usain Bolt....Fastest man in world.
well, that's annoying.  We TiVoed track & field and I hadn't gotten to watching it yet.  This popped up under "what's hot on G+" and spoiled it :-P
This man is so fast, he's like the Michael Jackson of running o.O
I love team usa but whenever he is in a race i always end up cheering for him!
much respect to this man...after 4 years to destroy your own time would require an insane fitness regime....9.65 whooophh...
Congrats to the "lightening Bolt" and Jamaica 50 and golden BIG UP !!!
I love how much fun he has out there. Great to see considering how pressure packed the situation is! 
Its one thing to talk, like some of my fellow Australian athletes, its another to back it up. Well done sir, well done, especially given the all hype
unbelievable and unstoppable lightning bolt
lived up to his name...............Bolt!
Siri P
truly amazing... fastest man... wow
The Champ is back with a BANG!!
and what a win..what a thought he was leading a pack of wolves on a hunt...!!
Absolutely stunning - you deserve the entire WORLD to congratulate. you.
noow a legend always a legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
his last name suits him... :)
we need you on the steelers bra
Someone please chase that guy....
Would love to see a Nandos ad with some bolt flavour
Incredible guy! His end of race is a lesson of acceleration.
Congrats my idol the fastest man in the world. We have been watching your events.
We was amazing i watch the whole race he is so talented and fast :)
Jus' Cool man. Irie (pronounced eye-ri). Yeah man.
that  is nice best of luck for next year
good keep it up..!! try to make a record that no one may break...
What a sprinter he is, super speed well done Bolt
nice and i must say very nice what a reallistic style pic be like this u r on the top state of usa 
Obviously flash is a black Jamaican man its only right.... Congrats
Congratulations Bolt!!!
We all knew, u can do more better than that! Congrats.....BOLT....
doping next generation!!!
Legendary... the standard by which all sprinters hereafter will be judged!!
Well Done Usain, and also well done to all of the people who participated!
"hi, I'm Richard Branson" lol nice one 
I'm not Jamaican but when I see Bolt, I can't help not resisting the Jamaican in me
Congruculations BOLT !!! :)
you're always our champion Bolt!!! God has blessed you..
Said Abdevali real hero.
Death to the Mafia wrestling ...
It's a true true LEGEND & A BLESS, Keep up and nurse every fruit from it with gratitude and happiness. Share it with the lessfortune if you would wish. Thks. Nairobi, KENYA. 
shame on FILA
Shame on AIVA
Shame on London 2012
VIVA Saeed Abdvali
VIVA Ali Mazaheri
im very sorry for london olympics and for its judges. it seems that racism is too high in your matches and the judges are paid to stop some countries from gaining what they deserve. this is the second time that unfair judgment is making iranian champions disqualify. even the people from Britain were saying that its unfair! i dont know how can you do this and how your humanity lets you, but what i know is that it seems politicians are involved in these peace full games....only advice i can say is for you to try and be fair next time not for my country but for all other countries.first Ali Mazaheri and now Saeid Morad Abdvali....
shame on you and your olympics
SHAME ON Brel Ihar(Referee) & Garcia Santisteban(Judge)
i just hope it ends soon!
shame on u and your judges.
From the immortal words of the great reggae icon, Bob Marley; "aint no use, no1 can stop us (Jamaicans) now".. Gwaan Usain, show dem how fi duh it!!
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