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Here's a great shot of the latest Olympic Rings to be revealed on the Tyne Bridge between Newcastle and Gateshead
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Wow. That is beautiful. London will glow in the Olympics
wow!! colorful && lovely night in london yaar...
hy kiristie how are you
wish Pakistan to have the potential to win medals.. it seems quite far away with the infrastructure v ve got in the country..
You can. Follow on cable, you tube, radio, television or use your almighty imagination and you will be there.
She talking about being there live! seeing it as it happening is quite different from imagining it or watching it on TV etc.
6 billion people cannot see it live. The city of London will sink, if everbody that wants to be there live is live there. Thank God for cable and internet, you can be there live.
If she has the chance of going there, she might just be the number three person who knows.
This looks amazing - not quite Sydney...but nearly!!
This is money talking. this people knows how to utilize their resources
unlike Nigeria politician who selfishly embezzling our resource
isn't that Sydney harbor bridge or am i wrong?
very very nice London looking beautiful at night
Evgeniy Kischuk - Wow! It's wonderful. I love London night like this.
what a view .....
It's not a picture of London, Its Newcastle upon Tyne, which is situated in the north east of England.........
keith duncan . DUH it says at the top
Duh Luke, read the rest of the comments i was pointing it out, people where commenting london looks nice and so on, when clearly it aint, and i happen to live in Newcastle                        (aka The Toon)...... so dont Duh me.... 
One of the most lasting memory of the 2012 Summer Olympiad in London, is this iconic view of London at night on the Thames River. This photo says it all! Hello world! Welcome to the Olympics! Welcome to London!
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