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App Development at its best
App Development at its best

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Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to a new fantastic website? I highly recommend to check it out as soon as possible! I am talking about

To make it short, it's great and we've no doubts that you are gonna like it. So do your friends a favor and share it with them. So go on and like and share away!

Also for our German speakers: The next portal posted a review about CheapCharts for iOS and was impressed by this app. We have to say thank you to and their nice article. You can find it here:

Last but not least: Are you waiting for the artist push for the iOS version? Stay tuned, we are working hard on this great new feature and there will be much more!

#CheapCharts   #iOS   #newwebsitelaunch   #worthtocheckout  
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CheapCharts v1.5 – es ist da und wir sind stolz!

Das lange Warten hat ein Ende – das größte CheapCharts Update ist im Appstore und es ist fantastisch! Neben unzähligen neuen Features haben wir CheapCharts einem umfangreichen Redesign unterzogen und zum ersten Mal ist es nun möglich, aus verschiedenen Designthemes das passende zu wählen.

Einige der neuen Features:
+ Neues dem Design angepasstes App Icon 
+ Benachrichtigungszentrale die über sämtliche Pushes informiert
+ Unterstützung sämtlicher Genrecharts (Ein Klick auf die Chartüberschrift öffnet die Auswahl)
+ Umfangreiche Sortieroptionen. Die Sortiertungsmethode der bisherigen Hotlist heißt jetzt “Preisersparnis”
+ Vollständig überarbeitete Hilfe mit Erklärung der wichtigsten Funktionen
+ Feedback Button innerhalb der App, lasst uns wissen was gefällt und was verbessert werden kann!
+ Last-Minute Bugfix des Help Centers aus v1.4
+ u.v.m.

Also, ab in den Appstore und updaten, es lohnt sich!


CheapCharts v1.5 – it’s done and we are proud!

Finally the wait is over - the greatest update for CheapCharts since it came to the Appstore is online and it is fanatstic. Besides many new features, CheapCharts got a complete redesign and for the first time, you can choose the in-app design that is the most appealing to you.

Some of the new features:
+ New design-adapted app icon 
+ Notification Centre which informs about all pushed price drops
+ All genre charts supported (a click on the chart title opens the menu)
+ Extensive sorting options. The new sorting option for the former ‘Hotlist’ is called ‘Greatest Savings’
+ Completely revised help section with explanation of the most important features
+ Feedback button within the app: tell us what you like and what can be improved!
+ Last minute fix of the help section bug in v1.4
+ Further corrections of minor bugs

Go to the Appstore and update, it's worth it!

#cheapcharts   #iTunes   #update   #music   #sparen   #charts  
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New to CheapCharts or still not sure what it is about? Check out these nifty videos to get a brief presentation about all the features of this wonderful app.

German: CheapCharts for iPhone v1.3 (Deutsch)

English: CheapCharts for iPhone v1.3 (English)

Switch to HD to have the best results. It's worth it!

#CheapCharts   #iTunes   #youtube  
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We just released CheapCharts v1.3 for iPhone with a bunch of new features that will blow your mind!

What is new?

- The 'Top XX Push' informs you about every price drop in the chosen chart range
- With the 'Album Sale'-tag, the singles chart will also show if there are corresponding albums which are reduced
- Song previews keep playing even if you open the detail view of a song or navigate to another chart
- CheapCharts recognizes all songs that are already on your iPhone and allows you to play them in full length within the app
- More iTunes charts added (Poland, Switzerland, India)
- Minor design and layout changes which make CheapCharts even more intuitive
- Further corrections of minor bugs

Don't hesitate and update immediately. It will save your money. 
If you are a new user it is time now: Download CheapCharts at the appstore, you will love it!

#CheapCharts #TopXX #Update #iTunes
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Gute Dinge sprechen sich herum!

Das Portal hat sich CheapCharts mal genauer angeschaut und ein ausführliches Review gepostet. Neben einer klaren Download-Empfehlung erwartet euch vor allem ein Video, in dem CheapCharts ausführlich vorgestellt wird.
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Sick of being limited to the actual charts when using CheapCharts? We got the message and reacted immediatly:

CheapCharts now supports the entire iTunes store! Find every song you like, mark it and you will never miss a price drop again! Also you will find now a help section and you will enjoy some minor design and layout changes.

Get the updated version of CheapCharts now! 

#iTunes #CheapCharts #iOS  #android
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Official Release of CheapCharts for ANDROID

Good news for all Android users: We have just released the brand new Android version of CheapCharts as you requested!

CheapCharts for Android supports nearly all features of the iPhone version and therefore will save you money too. 

What are you waiting for? Download it now:

Stay tuned for new updates that will follow in the next weeks. You can expect major new features that turn buying music into an even greater bargain!

#android #cheapcharts #release 
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### Official release of CheapCharts v1.2 for iPhone ###

As announced last week, we just released the new version of CheapCharts. If you are already one of the happy users, update CheapCharts and become even happier than before. To all the others: now it's your time to download!

### What is new in v1.2?
- We added more iTunes charts like Russia, Japan, France, Australia, Turkey and Portugal
- Album details now include a track list and you can preview every single track
- Last but not least we fixed some bugs to guarantee a stable version
- What we didn't change? The price! It's still for free!

So what are you waiting for? Go fo CheapCharts and save your money!

Direct app link:

P.S.: The android version will be released at the end of this week. So stay tuned and start saving regardless which phone you have.

#cheapcharts  #v1.2  #update   #android   #getitnow  
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### LollipApp is looking for beta testers for our Android Version of CheapCharts! ###

Are you an Android user (at least v4.1-jelly bean)? Do you love cheap music and want insights into the development of an app? Then take part in the upcoming beta test and enjoy some incredible advantages.

If you are interested just write a message or post in the comments!

#cheapCharts #android #beta #fun
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