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I really like the new fitbit but why only in such a boring color as black?
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I've wanted one of these too!! I also like that cool wireless weight scale they make.
The Aria is a great device. Just watch out as everybody wants to stand on it.
I keep losing my fitbit.  It's an expensive habit.  Any tips on not losing it?  The new one, and it's alarm, sounds cool.
definitely loving mine two... just got it this last weekend.  I've been taking the stairs all week (normally never do), so I guess I'm off to a good start :)
Looking forward to when the killer feature, mobile syncing, comes to Android.
+Jonathan Beri yeah, I'm really looking forward to that!  I really don't understand why bluetooth syncing doesn't work with OS X though.  You have to use this silly USB dongle.
I guess its an improvement over the ultra (which I still use.) It only worked with the dongle and you couldn't buy replacements!
wer i can buy this weighing scale...
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