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..... sooooo, does this mean a LOOOOOONG well deserved vacation before the next Le Web? ;)
I'm worried about the future of Seesmic as an application. I use it as my main Twitter app and as my Facebook app when my connection isn't great, because it's just faster. I'd hate to see it fall by the wayside.
Apparently Seesmic is dead. 
"Consumer users of Seesmic encouraged to explore new tools, apps and features available at"

Congrats though +Loic Le Meur! Cash out while you can.
If this deal has indeed killed Seesmic, an application that I paid for only a few months go, then there'll be no congratulations from me on the cash out.
a lot of acquisitions aren't happy endings. Sometimes companies are in financial distress, sometimes they are acquired just for parts - software or body. People have a knee jerk reaction to this type of news - like every rainbow leads to a pot of gold. Not always the case. Not sure here.
+David Rodriguez Obviously not - I've had good use out of it for the money I paid for the Pro version, but the reason I paid for it was because I trusted the developers to keep at it. Ultimately I'll delete the app and move on to something else, but I'm not blindly patting the back of people who took my money and ran.
+Rob Foxx I understand, but I drink 5 dollars worth of coffee a week and that gratification only last at most an hour. The same when I go to a pub and spend 7 dollars on an Guinness. I don't think twice about it. In the end I'm out money for gratification that last only an hour at most. It takes hours to develop applications as you know. And Twitter isn't necessarily playing nice w/ its developers, holding them to such high standards to have a client app developed. Like I said, I understand, but shit happens.
2 great tastes that taste great together? Hootsuite on the web is great, but their apps are not so great. Hopefully this will change that.
+David Rodriguez Man, it's been a while since somebody threw the coffee/software analogy at me. On the day that a software engineer has to hand craft every single version of an application they sell, then and only then is that a good comparison. I suspect that on that day, Satan will be going to work with snow chains on his car. ;-)

I'm with you on the whole Twitter situation, though - who wouldn't want to get out with the way they're battening down the hatches.
+Rob Foxx lol. You have a point. I know that with my own app +GoGetter I "hand craft every single version" of it. Currently, working on a Windows 8 version of it as well. I just know its a lot of work personally. If I had the chance to sell for some big pay out, I probably would. Great conversation man.
I love the sessmic desktop 2 in silverlight form, i cant find it anywhere on the web anymore, hope hootsuite can provide something similar.
Congrats Loic, I'be always marvelled at your energy building Seesmic. Take a bow.
I was both a heavy user as well as a plugin developer of the Seesmic Desktop 2 (Silverlight) application ever since it was demoed at PDC09. It was easily the best Windows application for multi-social network management and was so easily extensible (if you knew SL development). Seesmic killed the product in April much to my dismay (why not let it continue as a community supported product?). Ever since then, I've moved on (away from Seesmic).

I know Hootsuite has their own product so it's unlikely but I'd love to see them resurrect the Seesmic Desktop 2 application in some form or fashion.
+Rob Foxx its not that they are going to delete the app from your phone . Its just that it will not be supported anymore . And really what would have happened if the company had to close a few months from now because of lack of funds . Seesmic has done this because it is their only option .
Alain G
Une boite qui sert à rien en rachète une autre qui sert à rien = des thunes qui tombent du ciel, c'est beau le capitalisme :)
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