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If I post to "public" does it post to my circles too?
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Yes. Public makes it available to all circles.
I just saw it. Not sure I'm in your circles though.
and if I comment on a public post, does my comment become public, too?
@Steve unless you uncheck the option send to the non Goolge+ users.
@Dawid are you sure? I would think that public posts wouldn't generate notifications to all of your circles since Public is not the same as "all circles". 
Actually @david if you post to public there is no option to email non+ users and no email will be sent.
Shouldn't Google+ be the official Google+ forum? :-) 
@David you're right I meant public as all your circles not public as open to the whole world. Thanks for clarifying.
+Loic Le Meur I think there an important point though, which is that posting to Public won't make it show up in the public stream of people in your circles but in the stream of people who have you in their circles. For the the disjoint of those two groups (i.e. people in your circles that don't have you in theirs) it will show up in the "Incoming" stream.
I was wondering about that too. Do we seriously not have an answer yet?! ^^
+Amirouche Amazigh Best I can tell is that it's the same as only including Public, unless you check the box to send email notices to non-G+ users included in the circle.
I've been playing with the 'privacy' settings for 'google accounts - sharing', via the link in the upper right (drop down next to name)...will watch how that filtering works. There is a section for circles.
Posting to public post to everybody, but only shows up in the streams of those that follow you. 
just to resume the situation, the circles logic is additive not exclusive, and the Public content is available to everyone in the web, actually you have an option to test that
on the right side of the bar containing Posts | Bio | Photos, … on your profile, there is a text input saying (View Profil as), just by clicking, the default option is (Anyoneon the web) and that speaks for its self
That’s it!
"Priority"...? I'm not aware of any notion of "priority" here...
Yeah i suggested that also here:

Suggestion: Subtract circles from broader universes
Negative filters look nice at a glance. But add complexity... that should not be visible to "noob" users. Depth should come thru expert usage:
Shift-Click existing circle to modify it, or something like that (long press in mobile).
When adding circles to share post to, shiftclick one to "turn it red", thus subtract it from bigger universe circle.
@Nuno there is an option on your post that allows you to make it unshareable further than the people you wanted to share it with.
Yes it posts to everybody that has added u to a circle. Similar to twitter if they follow you and you have public timeline they can see it.
@dawid kania That has nothing to do with my suggestion. Mine is about better targeting.
+***** if you post something publicly, people who have you in a circle will see it in that stream. They won't necessarily get a notification, though. You need to share with them explicitly for that.
If you're dumb Loic, I'm mentally disabled.
tested this with a friend yesterday. Yes!
I think it's amazing to get the opportunity to connect with Loic Le Meur on here. I truly believe Google+ is not only the evolution of the social networking blue and white, but will also become the hub of my business networking as well!
J'aime bien aussi le cote ouvert de G+ et de pouvoir suivre LLM ;)
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