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What is "faster than realtime" for you? Your quote might end in a CNN story and/or LeWeb opening remarks! Thanks :-)
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Not even Neutrinos can travel faster than realtime ;o)
Entrepreneurial strategy is faster than realtime. As an entrepreneur I am looking at things that haven't happened yet but will happen in the future.
The Timeline. I can't think fast enough to beat the speed of social networks nowadays. Every photo you take, SMS, Webpage or IM is tracked recorded, or viewed in some way by third parties. Data Mining has made the World flat once more, taking away the mystery and mysticism of faraway places and new ideas, leaving us to roam in two dimensions until we fall off of the edge.
Faster than realtime means I get something (information, physical goods) without realizing I needed it until I received it.  This does not mean junk or spam.  It refers to something that affects you in context of what you are doing or going to do.
Exact Bryan. And that thing, faster than real time, that influence your real time by setting a context for you, based sometimes on things it knows about you, I'm used to call it for years: Instant Marketing
I'm a tech guy, so that reminds me of realtime linux kernels, mixed with heuristics based prefetching algorithms 
Social networks for sure. It may sound a bit exaggeration to say social networks today are faster than real-time but its a fact that they have re-defined the term real-time. And real-time we know today is way faster than real-time before-social-network era.
As an example, if there is a situation in some part of the world social networks help bring the entire world behind that situation in a matter of minutes changing the course of the situation itself instantaneously either backing or opposing it. That's faster than real-time when a situation gets altered from its course as soon as it begins.
Another thought is that real time is faster than real time, remember time relativity...
Flow is when you move faster than real time.
Faster than real time is a waste of something (money, resources, energy, equipment, etc.).

If you are watching something happen, "real time" means as frequent as necessary, to notice a change, and to be able to act on it. Watching paint dry by checking more frequently than a few times an hour would be a waste of your time, probably.
This is all perspective based. Real time for some could be faster than real time for others. Faster than real time for me is when i look at the clock after a busy day, and the day is over.
For me "faster than realtime" is information, recommendation, advice that I receive before I need it. Electronic gadget that gives that information or advice to me, knows what I need, like and want. This requires solid predictability capability, on site data crunching, connection to social location services, sensors, ubiquitous computing, knowledge on my previous activities, likes and wants. And much more.

This story illustrates what I'm trying to say:    
Walking on the street, and my gadgets notifies that it is about time to eat and the restaurant I was reading good reviews couple days ago is closing by, and they have dish that I like, but have not eaten for a while. Sensors on me are detecting that energy levels are about to go down, so it would be perfect time to eat. At restaurant gadget tells me that my friend is passing by with his bike in five minutes and recommends me to call him. I call the guy and he joins me for lunch. After lunch we step out, gadget notifies that it is going to rain in 2 minutes and recommends that we run to closest store across the street to get an umbrella, on sale of course. Store has electronic department, I can't usually pass them, sensors will detect that my motion is slowing down, and so gadget reminds that I have made promise to my dearest that I would not spend more on electronics this month. I take the umbrella and go for soft drinks department. Before I reach the department, gadget tells me that sensors on me have noticed that I have had enough sugar for the day, taken that I want to loose that extra pound. Gadget recommends I should not go for the Coke option I was clearly heading, but rather for the still water bottles. And, if I want to reach better points on "Ecological Consumer Score" I should go for option NNN, since it is not exported good and the company has great ecological score as well.  Ok, I think. That sounds great...
I could go on for hours on this story, but you get the point.
It's about creating the Google Earth of predictions through data. The Google Maps of forecasting. The Street View of human behavior.

One day maybe Prince Charles will be able to host an insight forecast instead of a meteorological forecast ;-)

Blooms Tower Defence 5, when you hit level 70+ :)
Bloons* damn auto correct
Predicted Time. Having things come in to your life moments because they're needed. Calling to reserve a table, only to find it's been reserved already. Going to your smartphone to call your Mom, only to find out it's already dialling. Even something as simple as the browser pre-load.. Loading a page just before you click on it is predicted time.
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