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We live in a society where young people should think more about creating their job than getting a job
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Has nothing to do with your age - holds true for anyone of any age - these days we all should be thinking about creating our own job - whether that is at a given company or at a new company we form. (most entrepreneurs aren't "young" - well worth remembering though it is easy to forget here in the Valley)
Hey would I be able to post this on my fb and cite you on it?
I understand the frustration of unemployment, I've been there, but many people protesting these days don't understand there's no wand that magically creates jobs. So yes, I agree, especially the young should create a tailor-made job rather than waiting for it to fall on their heads.
Nah, too much red tape associated with trying to get a job. I recommend getting a student loan, going to school for an extra few years, getting an art history degree, and then have the government write off the loan. After that, you can get unemployment for 99 weeks to the tune of $25,400 a year, effectively tax free, so that's better than working, for sure.
I recommend just sitting on ur fat ass and have the govt pay ur way! Yeah smoke pot and post all day from ur gvt owned project .. yeah that's the answer. GTFO
BTW that was sarcasm bordering facetiousness.
totally, and i wish this entrepreneurial atmosphere had been more prevalent when i was just out of school and faced with some terrible, limited and limiting options! cc +Tara Agacayak +Global Niche
Off to World of Warcraft. If you know me then u r home :-)
This whole working thing is totally over-rated anyway. The Chinese seem happy just working for us all the time, so why don't we just have the government print us $50,000 a year a pop, and then we can spend it on new stuff, made in China? Heck, let's just make it $250,000 for good measure, so we can buy some stuff from India, Brazil, Canada, Portugal or some other random places. They love the dollar over there, so we can just have the federal reserve add a few zeros to the paper they stamp out. Just send me a check, ok?
right but not easy... and quite frustrating to feel so unexpected
If everyone did that then who would you hire after starting your own company?
I try to gently tell my boys this. When they say "When I grow up I want to..." I say "Start now".

I got us a subscription to Make magazine with is nice because it encourages creativity, hacking and DIY. I think the 'Make' ethos is a good one...

Every generation feels this way about the next, I guess, but I feel such trepidation about the world they are getting.
Every company would have only one worker. That does not work are all!
Who's '_we_'?
Kind of important to know which society you're talking about.

We in Europe need to simplify legislation so that services like kickstarter become viable here.
Indeed, creating his own job will be a game changing skill
Agreed, and I would deepen this to say that we live in a time (not just society) where everyone (not just young people) should think more about creating their jobs. cc +Anastasia Ashman +Global Niche
I wish we will see this change in France in the future too. 
+Benoit PRAX unfortunately I see the opposite happening in France, the opposite of a country of entrepreneurs... I see a country of assistes being in power...
+Loic Le Meur I notice some initiatives like startup weekends or tech contests. I think effort should be done in schools to teach entrepreneurial mindset before diploma.
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