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Me and my partner backed this project first thing on Monday morning! Peeble looks amazing, and so is their story!
Dαn J
All it does is transfer a message from a phone? It might be better if it just went to the watch. No phone needed.
Is Kickstarter a friend or foe of VCs? I can see people bypassing the traditionally VC model and going right to here for their funding ... but I also see the potential for this to act like an incubator where VCs can then swoop in when things really take off for a project..
Yeah I saw this, what an amazing product. Those VCs must be kicking themselves!
That could leverage an interesting talk about the VCs. I guess the attractivity of a project to the VCs is the same as what we see in Music, Video game industries. Reminds me of Brian Fargo's "Wasteland 2" story on KickStarter. He finally leveraged 3M$ ( As did DoubleFine team, but I'm not sure they tried to get financing before going kickstarter )
There is a real danger here to both Pebble and Kickstarter. This is clearly a much-demanded and innovative solution, and I have been on the verge of buying one 3x of the past 4 days. But this over-exuberance is leading to massive promises of delivery for an in-development product. If they don't deliver on fantastic expectations, Pebble and Kickstarter could be looking down the barrel of a pretty big PR gun.
Following on to +Jon Burg - the VC's may also still be correct (I'm not saying they are) - the Kickstarter demand may be the entire extent of the demand - which would NOT be a VC-level return on their investment - if $3.8MM income delivers $3.8MM product, where's the upside? A pre-sale event is NOT an investable event.
+Tracy Hall +Jon Burg These are 2 very interesting comments. As a Kickstarter success could be an error from a VC, a success at Kickstarter doesn't necessarily mean that the product is poised for growth and success, and as such not necessarily something that would have been interesting for a VC. Thanks for the light. + It is potentially dangerous because Kickstarter ( here peeble ) have a pressure on its results. People will wait for what they were told it was.
+Nicolas Embleton +Tracy Hall I think we're finding three converging themes here. A) The market can self fund solid ideas, B) Kickstarter may have a make it or break it moment when this watch launches, C) None of the "backers" in Kickstarter own any equity, so there is still a blank slate available to VCs who want to take this company to the next level.
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