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can anyone start working on .ic extension? I'd like lo.ic :-) (and yes, I know, I could buy the whole extension myself but no thanks)
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Amazing how these days you can't be named anything that doesn't end with some existing domain name.

We got a Serbian domain for and St. Helena's one for our new startup: ;)
How do you buy an overseas domain? I've searched for how to do it before and in the end, it always asked me for an address in whatever the country was. Do you just submit a fake address?
Pete, there's a company that lets you use a registered agent like service, same way you incorporate in different states.

Basically you pay someone to forward your mail. It's usually like $50-$80/yr + whatever costs they incur (i.e. actually forwarding mail)

I forget the name of the one I looked into, but there's more than one.
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