With Google+ do you really need a blog anymore?

You can't use Twitter as your blog as you can't share more than 140 char.

You can't use Facebook as your blog as it's private, you can use your Facebook page as a blog, though.

+ why you should use Google+ as your blog
-great SEO in Google search, already visible (#1 result page for me)
-no setup
-very simple to use
-no content limit
-easy to export content
-great social graph integration with your friends
-power of gmail who already knows your friends
-manages public, private, and circles of friends in a great way
-supports lots of media types
-cool features for keeping in touch with your community such as hangouts and beluga like Huddle
-easily export your content

- - why it's not that great
-you can't customize the design
-you can't mail all your followers as you can with your fans on your Facebook page (but Google+ does it for you)
-you can't geotarget your followers (but you can create circles of them)

What else?
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