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With Google+ do you really need a blog anymore?

You can't use Twitter as your blog as you can't share more than 140 char.

You can't use Facebook as your blog as it's private, you can use your Facebook page as a blog, though.

+ why you should use Google+ as your blog
-great SEO in Google search, already visible (#1 result page for me)
-no setup
-very simple to use
-no content limit
-easy to export content
-great social graph integration with your friends
-power of gmail who already knows your friends
-manages public, private, and circles of friends in a great way
-supports lots of media types
-cool features for keeping in touch with your community such as hangouts and beluga like Huddle
-easily export your content

- - why it's not that great
-you can't customize the design
-you can't mail all your followers as you can with your fans on your Facebook page (but Google+ does it for you)
-you can't geotarget your followers (but you can create circles of them)

What else?
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You can't monetize on Google+ either.
Remember when you guys blog'd, yea me neither.
Interesting. I believe that is what Tumblr was hoping to do (with respect to blogging).
Of course you need a blog. Your own home base is the one spot that you need not fear data liberation issues. Your own blog on your own domain name is the one place you aren't subjected to any company policies determining what you post. But - Importing that into ... say... Sparks could be great
The URL you get for each post is really awful, and it's hard to bookmark and share posts outside of the system.
would sharing the link to your blog posts accomplish the same SEO rankings?
My blog/website is currently under blogger which Google is renaming to Google Blog, it's still nice to have since it's more customized, I can't make my google profile look like my personal website for example.
I can totally see this replacing my (already largely ignored) personal blog. I wasn't monetizing my blog anyhow, and this reaches people a lot more instantly, with instant feedback. Maybe I'll just redirect to my Google Plus page!
My biggest problem is that I don't really use my blog for the same thing. Usually my blog posts are considerably longer, more involved, and take a lot longer to make than what I post in this sort of social environment. I link out to my blog from social media, not vice versa.
totally depends on the kind of blog you write, I guess. Some stories just need embedded pictures, videos etc. Media organizations need to be able to measure traffic and monetize their content. But for some, I think it could definitely replace a basic personal blog.
You need a home base and functionality that I don't see happening here. Plus, we do NOT want to have a single-source of all-things-us on the web, whether it's FB or Google. Bad idea IMO. (Can you imagine trying to FIND posts?)
If I can embed multiple photos/videos in the stream as inline, it will become more realistic.
I've been using Blogger for years. Let's see how Google "plus" it...
I still like having control over my own data, owning my domain name, getting a little "walking around money" with ad revenue, my own design and formatting, multiple photos, embedding video and so on. But hey, if Google+ can give me those, I'll think about dropping the blog.
The main reason why Google+ will never beat a blog: Google+ is not yours. With this come so many restrictions and risks not worth taking if your have a business. Period.
Not so convinced of this. Maybe if your blog is just random notes and a picture, but not where you want more organization and flexibility.
the domain mapping is one other important feature too!
This is the difference between "blog" and "microblog." Is G+ a potential tumblr killer? Sure.
If you publish over time than you want to keep your own blog. But super-easy sharing and integrated comments (Salmon?) would be killer
Reasonable to expect Ads to show up.
I like my personal domain. I like the ability to install and customize using FTP. If this could be embedded as Blogger once was and filtered to show only my own posts on the site, then this could be the base for my site. I find my own domain to be both useful and a vanity type thing.
hmm.. interesting point
This ain't mine but I like it.. my blogs are still mine and has the longer form real content but this will be an important engagement tool.
+Veronica Belmont you're blog/website isn't ignored, it's just grabbed by my google reader to save a few clicks, so yeah might as well just be on Google+ hah.
Yeah, I noticed this from day one, too. It has a huge potential to replace other "personal blogging" services out there. If they find a great way to help posters monetize their content without looking spammy, it will become even more popular.

I really wish the post URL's and the profile URL's looked a lot better, though!
You should always be master of your own domain, in my view. You want to move for some reason, you don't control the domain, you can't take the link equity with you.
Since I grew up in the world of microblogging, I can definitely see this happening. I've attempted full blogging five times now, and each time I feel as if blogging is more of a chore than a lifestyle. If some big names ditch their blogs and come over to Google+ and similar services, it will influence the market greatly.
We should probably wait and see how Google finishes integrating other services into G+. Today's Maps update for Android, for example, eliminated the Google Buzz layer, which had stopped working for a few days prior. There may very well be Blogger integration.
As long as u make a blog circles this will destroy blogging sites. I'm so tired of dealing with thousands of adds and horrible video sharing on blogs
It's only a matter of time before Google integrates ads on here. Then you will be able to make money. Just like Youtube.
This is weird sometimes comments self refresh (new ones just show up) sometimes not (I have to refresh)
Seems to be some state or session thing that is still out there being iffy.
+Robert Basic that one is (unfortunately) not in very good shape anyway already...
Il semblerait que Mountain view veuille rebaptiser Blogger en google blog, et ainsi l'intégrer à Google+. Dans ce cas, le problème du design, geoloc, et stats serait géré par analytics. Et cela annoncerait la mort de wordpress.
Blogger is going away, integrated into G+ as a Blog component
+Loic Le Meur Btw, I think if you add people's email to your Circles, then Google+ will put them blast when you post. I think it's just not doing it now, because the sites not fully public yet.
I use a technical blog to record code snippets, etc. It helps to have semantic markup for that kind of thing.
I believe Google Blogs will integrate nicely with Google+. Don't use G+ as your blog, but perhaps do use Blogger (with an eye to the future of G+).
David O
Loic you just made a great suggestion: Google should add geo-based circles (opt-in only of course). A bientot!
Blogs cover such a wide swath of territory, it will be very different for different people as it is now. But I suspect Blogger, and just G+ will pick up from tumbler and WP and others over time
I like to include lots of images in my blog post and it looks like you can only add one in G+.
I feel this is more a two sided communication medium, a blog is a personal diary of sorts, more one way although it can be set up to be more two way communication. I prefer to keep my personal site one way and post random personal musings and likes, but to communicate here.

I would never leave my own hosting and domain however. If I can seamlessly incorporate my G+ musing into my personal site, fine, but not as a replacement.
You can't provide any other pages besides About Me. I have a couple static pages about other work I've done.
Once upon a time, when G+ was not there, I was on Buzz and I used to post in french on my blog and in english on buzz. My technique to live a bilingual life.
I pushed the feedback button to ask for categories.
If we want to use G+ as a blog, we need them
Different tools for different uses. Blogger for content creation, G+ for broadcast.
As per many of the comments here, I think the differentiation could be free content versus paid content (or at least premium). It wouldn't work for everyone, but maybe G+ could be the place where you offer free content/information/feed/etc to the masses, where it can be consumed and shared easily, but the real "meat" is kept on your own domain.

For example, G+ becomes your Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr replacement, all in one, but your heavier content, more thorough blog posts, or premium content, remains on your domain.

Just another idea...
I think it has huge potential for a micro blog, very much like tumblr without the formatting control. For longer posts I can see Google+ acting as an effective funnel by posting shorts that lead to the full blog on the poster's own site. I can see many using a combination, the shorter pearls of wisdom helping build confidence in the reader to venture further into the writing they enjoy.
(re: the SEO bit). If you're living in a Google-centric world, then perhaps it does make sense. But you're not going to show up on Bing/Yahoo/etc. So, depending upon how important that audience is to you, you're walling yourself off to quite a large number of potential readers.

(Does anyone know if it's possible to collapse comments? On a post like this I've got to scroll down quite a bit to skip to the next post.)
It isn't but it's been suggested.
Blogs have a sense of place. A destination. Something with staying power. Something to call your own. Google+ seems at its heart stream/feed-based. Stuff fits into someone else's conceptual model. Concepts fall off the radar after a while. It's more about being in the moment.

All that said, I rarely blog and I post on FB/Twttr/G+ way more these days.
You currently have zero analytics on G+, perhaps engagement is more important, but its nice to know how many readers you have.
+Guy Wood if you use "j" and "k" on your keyboard, you skip ahead/back to article headers, that helps save me from scrolling so much.
+Erik Florida - Thanks for the tip! I suppose I should've supposed that Google would maintain their familiar keyboard shortcuts. Nevertheless, there is something nice about the naturalness of scrolling through posts. Hopefully there'll be a nice little button to at least give the option to hide them.
I don't think Google+ will make blogs obsolete. If anything, they will enhance them by allowing +1's on the posts you share, or by bringing your blog to your circles (because it seems everyone else will read your stuff except for good ol' mom and dad).

Like George said, blogs bring a sense of... identity for your writing online, if you will. Not everyone will have Tumblr or Blogger or the others, but everyone on Google+ will be streamlined in the same way, no customization allowed. Sorry, but I like HTML :)
+Loic Le Meur - As a blog is defined - Facebook and Google+ are blogs (though of the crudest type) but what they lack for the creative mind is the compilation of the author's thought - What they lack as a business platform is 1. the ability to monetize 2. A place to capture and convert potential clients 3. The ability to modify the framework of your content platform (which in turn allows the platform to enhance the work) 4. The ability to establish a Blog policy ( the Author's house rules)
5. A place where you curate the content that you create and own ( HT to my buddy +Valeria Maltoni )
6. More stuff than I have the time to include here :) (I have to go and write a post on my blog )
All of that being said, either platform allows us to drop creative ideas and begin conversations in a public forum ( another difference from a blog which is a platform belonging to someone (the author or the author's employer) just as you did when you started this -
I think there will be some movement around at least basic analytical feedback as the +1 and commenting system develop further.
+Loic Le Meur Absolutely right, I would never had that ( ) kind of reactions on a traditionnal blog post (+104, 52 shares, 28 comments).

One correction however, G+ posts are limited to 34465 chracters, which is not perfect for very lengthy posts (more here ).

I've been blogging since 2003, and stopped in 2008 because of Twitter. I'll probably resume blogging now.
Well, you definitely won't need another blog when Blogger turns to Google Blogs, with comments fully integrated into G+ :-)
If Tumblr implements a true comments section it's everything Google+ is but has analytics, an outfacing function, and you can monetize it. The only downside is their stability issues (and the previously mentioned lack of a true comments system).
It is interesting. Would be cool if they ever do try to monetize such public posts if they shared the revenue with the publisher.
I had the same thought. I am curious to see how Blogger (or Google Blogs) will integrate and take it from there.
They are going to introduce Google Blogs, (old logger). I am guessing they are going to embed them into Google+ so it will be an all-in-one experience.
For best success as a platform, Google should make Blogger+ work fabulously, and also expose the capabilities so WordPress, Tumblr etc can integrate well also G+ succeeds with traffic and engagement, and that gets higher the better 3rd party sources are integrated.
I like this site thus far but I still prefer having my own space. being the master of my own domain, pun intended if that wasn't obvious.
With the announcement that Google+ are doing limited business profile testing and that they are working on integrating adwords etc. there has to be opportunity in the future for monetisation of personal brands.
I would think that the use for RSS or Atom would be obvious. They're open standards that allow for easy aggregation by 3rd party products. An API is as good, but only if it's open. On the whole, I'd rather have vendors supporting open standards than APIs which they define themselves.
+Loic Le Meur well, You Can Mail all your followers, as Google offer the option to notify them, when you hover over the Circles tagged for your post (Extended Circles, your customized circles....), althought the "Notification Limit is For now limited to an emailing up to 25 other Google+ users."
People can't search your archives for blog posts?
Please don't let G+ become an Internet layer as FB wants to be... keep your own content apart of it, on your own websites...
Exactly as people should do with e-commerce (or f-commerce or ... no, I don't want a g+-commerce, meaning not the same way as it is on FB)...
What if FB decides to make f-stores pay for being on the site? What if FB becomes the new myspace? Will all the (expensives) f-stores disappear?
G+ could be an amazing way of sharing YOUR content, but it could be dangerous to let them have (let-s say "own" :-) ) this content
I think the best ways (my point of view, not google's :-) ) would be :
- clean rss integration for presenting your blog content in G+
- clean googlebase integration for presenting your products (for instance via the already-developed magento option)
and "clean" means to me possibility to change the inner aspect through css

I'd like to see a G+ API/WP Plugin that could bring the G+ experience to my blog. I want my stuff on my domain, not G's.
Good points Loic. Another Google+ feature needed before it can be a blogging replacement/supplement, is the ability to auto-send G+ posts into Twitter/Facebook, etc. Sure that'll come in good time.
I've found G+ to be much like Tumblr, but for adults and yuppies. At least for us the early adopters.
Interesting concept. A lot is needed before this is a good blogging platform, but it might have promise. URL mapping would be nice, and of course any other branding. However, if we start customizing and pimping out our profiles this will become a MySpace experience very quickly.
I am pretty sure that Blogger will soon be integerated with G+, so hopefully, it will be a non issue.
A couple of more negatives:
- harder to brand yourself in G+ compared to a blog
- no multi-author support
You are stuck with the functionality they give you. You are stuck with using their data reporting. Wordpress has the ability to provide incredible functionality. This will replace the blog the same way Google Sites replaced the website. People like their own flavor. This is an EXCELLENT platform but I still want my blog.
I think the no-customization thing is a killer, though. To paraphrase someone (can't remember who) in an early review of G+, blogging on G+ would be like setting up posters in a rented hotel room. You can pretend it's yours, but it's not truly going to be yours. Of course, if you gave me the option of cross-posting an entry from G+ to my personal blog... then it's going to be G+ FTW.
Can you monitize on Google+?
Loic Le Meur, my RSS reader and my email client are the 2 primary ways for stuff on the net to get my attention. Both are "open" in the sense that anyone can build an RSS reader or an email client. I'm not going to use G+ for blogging without RSS because that would pull the relationships I have with my readers from the open web into G's walled garden.
I would have to disagree with Loic Le Lemur. I think Googles intention with this platform was to develop a better way to social network, including microblogging features to compete with Facebook and Twitter. This platform wouldnt replace the blog, but only be another area to share links, connect and chat.
Maybe I'm missing something -- but how would one distinguish a blog post from a simple personal update on g+? Or in other words, if I am publishing a blog post to "public" and I am also sharing pics of my kids with everyone in my "acquaintances" circle, aren't there going to be a lot of people (my friends) who see my blog posts and my personal stuff all in the same stream, with no way of separating the two?
still feeling my way out in google+, but I'd like it to replace my blog - I can guess that google will like it better for search anyhow...
Some compelling thoughts Loic, but here's the real problem, it's not a platform you control. If you're just goofing, fine, but if you are at all interested in brand building, you must be in control of the platform.
+Loic Le Meur I think you forgot to mention adv as minus, having a blog here doesn't allow you to manage ads (adsense or other), wich for a lot of bloggers is a (little) income. Anyhows I agree that g+ could be a good blogging platform for who needs only to deliver contents forgetting everything is behind.
Bonjour Loic.
Je réfléchi à passer mon photoblog sur Google+. J'attend un peu de voir comment ça va évoluer. J'ai jusqu'à 2012, là il est hébergé sur mon compte MobileMe. :D
Plus sérieusement pourquoi pas effectivement.
Until the long term existence of Google+ is assured, I don't want to make any permanent decisions about my blog. I don't want to start using Google+ as a blog only for them to do a Wave on us.
I see 1 condition: Quickly promote your posts in such a way that followers will fell the need for creating a circle specifically for your blog (so your production doesn't get drowned among others) = Easier sorting.
It absolutely CANNOT replace a blog, unless one run by a hobbyist. Blog is not only self expression media, but a monetization platform, and forget about bringing corporate blog on social media, especially with the way permalinks are structured here - suck big time. Would Google ever give me a URL for the post equal to this? Exactly, no.... some abracadabra appears instead... Must be solved, at least that part... then adding monetization option for those who treat blog as a media.... then we can talk, Google :-)
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