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Google+ already #1 search result among social networks on my name and NO TWITTER on first page!
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Funny. I see your Twitter handle as the last result on the first page in a search for your name!
Well they did shut down real-time search because of an agreement with Twitter "expiring"
Just googled myself, and I found my G+ profile on top! Followed by my NaNoWriMo profile, the Facebook profile of that guy in Sweden with my name, and my Twitter account, in that order.
If they get enough traction Facebook will sue them under an antitrust theory. It will be too easy for Google to leverage search. It's interesting to me that to keep growing, Google needs to be more Facebooky, and the opposite may be true as well.
Don't forget that personalized search affects the results you see. For a more general POV, log out of your Google account and do a search for your name again - the results will probably be shifted around.
tiens tiens intéressant... ils n'ont pas trainé Google!
@Andy Mcllwain good point, but it seems that for my friends who tried here, they get the same or even higher
+Nick Uva: Let's not forget that Facebook have pull with Microsoft...
+Dennis Jernberg: That's true, but how much can MS help Facebook with search, seeing as they are throwing a fair bit of prestige at Bing?
to +Greg Krajewski's point, social search weights the results to some degree. Try it while logged out (or from Chrome ignognito window). Results may differ someone, but probably won't a huge degree
that's only for your personalized search, though. when i search for "loic le meur" i don't see google plus until the second page. maybe it gives preference to bookmarked sites?
I tried it with Google. My name now lists in this order: G+, Twitter, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn. Interesting.
A google search is based on 5-6 years of data of your own search habits, at least in my case. They should know what I'm looking for, as well as the browsing pattern, since it is a google product.
Mine actually has twitter (3/4 depending on personalized or not).
BUT - more importantly - my Google+ profile comes up on Bing's 1st page too!
Just searched Bing and found my Twitter account on top, followed by two other guys with my name (the one in Sweden on Facebook and one in Milwaukee on LinkedIn), then my NaNoWriMo profile and -- my old Google Profile URL! Strange...
Probably because Google no longer has an agreement in place with Twitter to show up-to-date tweets as search results. Cheers!
twitter functionality feels old after using google+. with twitter you have to be creative to come up with ways to distribute information (link shortening, photo uploading, video uploading, conversation following, etc...) given the simplicity of the platform.
Not sure how well that will bode for Google regarding their anti-trust investigation.
Twitter felt old after using Jaiku two to three years ago.
Yes, I think Facebook should have gone more in this direction jumping off their purchase of Friendfeed. Friendfeed was splitting the difference between Facebook and Twitter 2 or 3 years ago!
I have noticed this previously for personal searches - as noted people posting that they were number #1 for their post etc - but it was only when they did search.
Loic, +Andy McIlwain - If google search results cannot be taken as "objective" straight out of the box ... what will we be seeing in Sparks? My experience so far (vy limited; wasn't happy with it) suggest it's uber-processed / pre-digested.
Sparks is basically Google Reader for people who have no idea what RSS is
Twitter doesn't show up because Twitter's contract with Google expired a few days ago and hasn't been renewed, so you don't see twitter streams in google search at the moment anyway.
I have a same thing...and someone said Google don't favor their own properties. Yeah right.
Just playing Devil's Advocate, but they can get high rankings by having ninja-level SEO (due to knowing everything about PageRank) without actually coding in advantages for their own stuff
Tu devrais refaire la même recherche mais sans être connecté à ton compte Google... ca change tout non ?
You google profile with an 'edit profile' button is top result if you're logged in. Try an Incognito window.
London made me dislike the word "basically". A friend in London used it 21 times in one phone call. I counted.
sur mes deux comptes Twitter arrive toujours en premier... peut-être une question de rafraîchissement...A surveiller
Try to sign out of Google and search again, or go on a browser with deleted cookies. My results in IE (with cookies deleted) are different then in Chrome when I'm logged in into Google. And yes, Google+ is the first for me in Chrome too, but not in IE
Wait... I think you were logged with your account. What happens if you are not logged on Google?
HAHA I can already see the lawsuits stating Google is crippling search results again..
I love this thread. I love that it shows that Google chrome and search results are tailored to our expectations of what the result should be. These assumptions, made by the search engine, are reasonable.
We see the "edit profile" button on your profile, you are just logged on Google and that's why you can see your profile. But when I try to search you, I haven't got the same results :)
Are you sure you've logged out from your Google account?
If I do the search while logged in, G+ is the first result. If a collegue searches my name, linkedin quora facebook and everything else comes first.
c'est normal Google n'a pas finalisé son accord commercial avec Twitter
and no more realtimesearch available for the moment !!
That will result in more legal issues for Google!
Interesting. I'm going to play with this some :)
I would really like a 'global' version of Google search, not filtered by who I am. I think it's more than an issue!
Thanks or the news, nice tip ;D
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