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Hey everyone please spread the word about our new working group project for Complex Text Layout. The mailing list announcement is at:

If you are a native speaker of a language that is not english, please take a moment to consider translating this and sending it out to your friends and anyone who would be interested supporting this. Thanks!
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Somehow odesk decided to surprise me with a revamped website. I almost thought I lost the time I've worked today. That is not the case fortunately.

I don't think this rebranding was necessary though
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Excellent Marriage Proposal Idea!!! +DX
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This guy is a genius
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Water suspended by sound waves.
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this makes me wish i was an eagle
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Have him in circles
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    Graphic design, 2008 - present
    After graduating in Biology, i developed an interest in graphic design, specifically, biological illustrations. For that matter, I decided to take a number of free online courses on softwares like Inkscape, Gimp and Scribus. I have trained myself and I am currently relatively good at using those softwares. My hope is to continue in that direction and eventually become an expert in Biological illustrations.
    BIOLOGY, 2003 - 2007
Online Freelance Worker
HI, You can just call me Loic

I currently work full time online on both oDesk and Elance.

I love animals so i intend to learn Vet medicine at a point in time. (not that i want to make money out of it though)

Aside Medicine my other interests are: 

Graphic Design
Biological illustrations

video games,
action movies,


surfing the web,
(not yet good at it),
(i use to play the bass guitar),
animal documentaries,
architecture (I know nothing about it so far)

If you are in any of those fields you can add me but please let me know what specific interests made you add me so i can know which circle to add you too.
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I am always able to come up with a plan of action in most situatitons
Article writing, Graphic Design, Vectorization
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    Article Writer, 2012 - present
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    Article Writer, 2012 - present
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