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There are free tracking apps for Androids easily available for parents to install on their kid’s smartphones and track their online activities at all times.
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It’s always prudent to be safe than constantly worry about the whereabouts of your kids or spouse. Install Easy Logger to track your husband’s iPhone.
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Do smartphones affect the health of our families?
#FamiliyTracker #SmartPhone #Healthcare
Do smartphones only bring us closer to the ones far from us, or do they keep us away from those around us? Find out what experts have to say.
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Here's how to put your kids on a screen time diet.
#Parenting #KidsSafety #SmartPhone
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Stalking only happens when your kids don’t know they are being tracked. Let them know you are tracking their location for their own safety. A location tracking app like Easy Logger creates trust within the family if used properly.
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A location tracking app like Easy Logger creates trust within the family if used properly. It gives parents a non-intrusive option for keeping their kids safe.
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Preventing internet dependency is a new and important goal for parents.
#Parenting #onlinesafety
By Kira M. Newman When I was a teen, going online still meant getting in the car and driving to the local library. At some point we got a dial-up connection at home, which felt like a luxury; whenever...
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Eye strain and smartphone usage go hand in hand.
#Smartphone #healthcare
Try these super simple tricks to keep your smartphone-gazing eyes happy and healthy.
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Taking control of your kid’s technology time, isn’t too difficult with the number of tools available for monitoring, curtailing their internet usage or tracking their cell phone app.
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With track cell phone apps, GPS systems and more, you can monitor your child’s technology use.
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How do our smartphones distract us, and how can we overcome this?
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People are 26 per cent more productive without their smartphones, a new research by leading cybersecurity company, Kaspersky, a leading cybersecurity company. A psychological experiment conducted by the Universities of Würzburg and Nottingham Trent, commissioned by Kaspersky, tested the behaviour of 95 individuals between the ages of 19 and 56, balancing experimental conditions and gender …
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Spying on your children may sound too much, but if you are doing for the right reasons, like your child’s safety, cell phone tracking is definitely a must.
#PhoneTracking #SmartPhone #ChildsSafety #Parenting
Spying on your children may sound too much, but if you are doing for the right reasons, like your child’s safety, cell phone tracking is definitely a must.
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Five things parents need to know about Snapchat.
#Parenting #Snapchat #Teens #TeensSafety #OnlineSafety
The coffee is still hot, your neighbour has just started to unleash her gossip girl self and there s
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Staying connected with your teen can mean a lot of different things.
#Internetsafety #Teens #Parenting
Several campaigns are underway in the U.S. and other countries to raise awareness about internet safety, particularly among teenagers for whom parental rules are hard to follow in the age of social media. But while rules are still needed, one advocate argues it is time for parents to change the conversation about internet safety. Online […]
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What to do if you suspect the worst and your own child is involved.
#Cyberbullying #Parenting
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Free cell phone tracker and monitor for all!
The Easy Logger is a nifty little app that tracks phone location in addition to monitoring text messages, phone calls and apps. This is the only app in existence that tells you the location of the phone when a certain call or text was made.


Install the app on the phone you need to track.

★ Monitor calls log
★ Monitor text messages
★ Keep a tab on call expenses
★ Archive text messages
★ Monitor child's text messages
★ monitor child's call logs
★ Monitor several devices from a single console - PRO feature
★ Elderly monitoring system - PRO feature
★ Find a lost device - PRO feature
★ Recover deleted messages - PRO feature
★ Recover deleted calls - PRO feature
★ Track phone location live - PRO feature
★ App usage stats reports - PRO feature
★ Cloud control panel to access location history - PRO feature


Install the Easy logger on the phone that you own or have legal access to.

Configure the software with your email address.

Receive emails compiled by the Easy logger daily or weekly as configured.

Access the online Cloud control panel to review logs for calls, texts and location history.


Read more about the application and access help knowledge base at, email us if you have trouble using the application at


The interface has been intentionally kept sparse, devoid of ads and unnecessary options. The app is simply designed to track location and all phone usage details. The easy to use Cloud control panel that accessible on cell phones, tablets and computers enables quick and easy access to the logged data.


The Easy logger system is in use by many corporations to track employee phone usage and keep a tab on company assets. The application has an application programming interface that enables other software companies to use the Easy logger for phone tracking within their applications.


We take data security very seriously, the application database encrypts sensitive information that is accessed only via the username / password you choose. Using state of the art Cloud services we ensure exceptional stability.


“Perfect! This app does exactly what it has to do. No unnecessary options or complications!” Dan Mesca
“Logger saved my marriage.” Lalia Khan
“My kids go school through not so nice streets, logger tells me where they are at all times so I can rest easy.” Nick Lad
“Installing the Easy Logger Pro on both our phones has been the best relationship decision we have made, instinctively possessive we both are always at ease now” Roy and Christi


If you have a question about the app, contact our support team at

Note: This is NOT A SPY SOFTWARE. This is a safety service designed for parents, employers and project managers to track location and monitor phone usage. Our mission is help you monitor usage of devices you own or have proper consent to monitor. YOU MUST HAVE PHYSICAL ACCESS TO THE PHONE TO INSTALL THE SOFTWARE.

This is a Pulse Solutions product. Pulse has delivered 1000s of web solutions across the world for business process automation, online retail and systems integration.
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