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So here is the image that was published in the Capture Minnesota book. This was taken a few years back at Great River Bluffs State Park near Winona, MN.

My friend and I were out shooting and had packed up to make the ~2 mile trek back to the car. It was getting dark very quickly and it was the first time for both of us at this park. We had make it a good way back when I turned and saw this scene. Thanks, Nate for letting me stop and fire off a few shots as quickly as I could! As soon as I got a decent shot, we picked up our gear and hustled back down the dark path as quickly as we could. We heard the shuffling of a ferocious animal tracking us not too far off the path! was probably a raccoon. But still!

If you look carefully, you should be able to count 7 layers of bluffs.

#colorsonfriday (+ColorsOnFriday ) by +E.E. Giorgi , +Gilmar Smith , +Christina Lihani , +Erin Henderson

#forestfriday (+Forest Friday ) by +Rudolf Vlček

#fourseasonsfriday by +Karin Nelson +Stephonie Ogden

#frighteningfriday by +Alexis Coram

#plusphotoextract by +Jarek Klimek (He's back!)

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Incredible view and nice stacking for those bluffs. I can see why someone would want to use it.
Wow! it's gorgeous! thanks for sharing!
This is heart-achingly beautiful +Logan Miller. I loved the lead-in story and I intend to follow the link! Congratulations for getting this beauty published!
Phew, so glad you escaped that ferocious raccoon and saved this picture! Well made image, and yes, thanks Nate :D
Well done +Logan Miller and congrats on the printing!
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