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Logan Livers
Content Marketing Strategist at B2 Interactive. Lincoln, NE
Content Marketing Strategist at B2 Interactive. Lincoln, NE


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Storage can play a key role in your favorite Thanksgiving Day Parade. Check out this great holiday post from 

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Winterizing your boat is important in order to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. 

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Some great insight on how to store a cigar collection outside of your home. Try self storage!

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Mathew Piccolotto from +RØDE Microphones shares some great advice on how to make your very own soundstage out of a storage unit.

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Have a jet ski, but don't know how to store it? John Salvatore of +WatercraftSuperstore lends his expertise on preparing your jet ski for long term storage.

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Marketing and Humor: When Is It Appropriate?

Humor can help your business promote web content or social media posts really well. But, unfortunately, there are also a lot of hidden dangers with using humor that marketers tend to forget.

Offensive Humor: Good humor can make content memorable. Offensive humor, however, will make it the wrong kind of memorable. So always ask yourself: "Will this offend anyone?"

Inclusive Humor: Pop culture references and current events can definitely push your marketing humor to the next level. But what if your audience is a larger demographic where some people aren't in on the joke? That's not very fun for them, is it?

Inconsistent Humor: Keep your branding in mind when using humor in marketing. If your company often publishes content with a serious, professional tone, a random cat video might give consumers whiplash.

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