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Just to be clear, our storytelling app "After That" is blue and white.

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Our latest app, After That, is now available on iOS and Android. This app takes a simple story telling concept of having to continue the story using a random word and puts it onto your phone. Use it for creative writing or in a group of people and rotate around.

Let use know what you think. And yes, the next version will allow you to customize the list of words.

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Still waiting for our latest app to be approved? Until then, you can watch "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" because it's FREE on Google Play right now.

We should have a new app for you next week. A phone-twist on a classic gathering activity.

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Download the Disney movie app and connect to your Google account to get "Wreck It Ralph" for free.

Anyone using an app to find the houses with good candy tomorrow?

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Need to make sense out of unit pricing?  Try Simple Pricebook. It'll make price comparisons in a manner that makes sense.

We've decided to pull the Intentional app from the App Store.  No decision if we'll bring it back in the future in a slightly different manner.  If you'd like more information on this decision, feel free to contact

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If you've downloaded the Intentional app and got iOS 8 today, you'll want to make sure you grab the update to Intentional that's now available.
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