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Create online communities, enhance communication and professional development that harnesses human connections by making them accessible from any channel.
Create online communities, enhance communication and professional development that harnesses human connections by making them accessible from any channel.


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Loft Group | Corporate Education & Learning - WFA CONNECT Engagement Transformations & Connected Leadership  

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CEO & Founder, Gavin Russell invited to present at IBM Connect 2015 | Auckland | Sydney | Melbourne

The Loft Group has taken a strong market position in the adoption of cloud-based technologies to leverage the availability, elasticity, and reach of the cloud to create a global data delivery network (DDN) that enables applications to scale larger and remain available to users wherever they are in the world. This unique one-day event is designed for business leaders, technologists of all levels, and anyone who advocates for social or digital transformation within their organisation.

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CEO & Founder, Gavin Russell discusses IBM cloud, including challenges along the way and opportunities that data and analytics delivers. Loft builds innovative and inventive solutions. Our process builds a firm understanding of requirement and expectation. Our expertise enhances targeted industries, supporting the client domain knowledge. A proven technology stack ensures Loft is the first mover within a sector, driving the application road map to achieve rapid development and deployment, global scale and the ability for modular diversification across broader main stream market opportunities.

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L’Oréal Professionnel Digital Education 2015
The Loft Group has developed an enterprise grade mobile content delivery platform for education, mobile learning and training. The training application enables companies such as L’Oréal Professionnel to deliver sales and product knowledge training to their national professional salon network, retail stores, staff and clients.
The L’Oréal Professionnel Digital Education Application 2015 has seen the successful launch of gamification with the introduction of a Colour Tool and Mixing Lab.
L’Oréal Professionnel Principles of Colour provides learning about colour theory, the L’Oréal Professionnel colour numbering system and application of colour to the hair. The focus of this game delivers a visually attractive, comprehensive and enjoyable experience to the student which uses educational mechanics such as assessment, learning pathways and gamification to encourage progression through the Principles of Colour Game.
Once a Student has proven a competent level of knowledge in the Principles of Colour Game, they are able to use the L’Oréal Professionnel Mixing Lab. This tool generates mixing ratios of various L’Oréal Professionnel colouring products. The mixtures are represented with the real world vales for product quantities, hair colouring process and supporting product technical documentation. The students can use the L’Oréal Professionnel Mixing Lab within their salon as a guide to mixing L’Oréal Professionnel colouring products.
As with any capital expenditure in business today, ultimately return on investment is one of the key considerations. In looking specifically at the tangible gains and the immediate benefits accrued from the Digital Education Platform, there are a number of reasons why the ROI proposition is so exciting. Improved cost savings and exponential gains in operational efficiency are obviously some of the key features that result from its implementation. What is equally if not more important are the profitability gains that are harder to quantify, for example the resulting strategic advantage in the marketplace that arises from the increased individual value. In turn through the education experience, the individual becomes a highly valued member of the retail sales process.

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CEO & Founder, Gavin Russell invited to present at IBM Connect. Loft on the main stage in Sydney.

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Clinical Diagnostic & Research Tool (CDRT) | Software Design & Development Project
Clinical consultation, notes and observations are the lynch pin of recording patient interaction. The conversion of this information into meaningful diagnostics is time consuming and often restricted in scope to reference materials that only the individual clinician knows about. 
A clinician is able to record their consultation and then have those notes used to search reference material included in a trusted, high value collection defined by a peer group. This will accelerate the diagnostic process by providing the clinician with a larger, more appropriate set of research while in process instead of having to dedicate extensive time to the discovery of content. 

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Kérastase Education 2015 | Mobile Learning & Sales Enablement
Loft has developed a range of enhancements and features since first launching Kérastase Education Australia in 2012. The benefits extend beyond the academy environment with the ability to engage educators and students in their Salon. It empowers the sales team and provides executive dashboards, business intelligence and analytics in order to measure and monitor across key performance indicators.
Kérastase Education has identified Australia & New Zealand are recognised as a leader within the L’Oréal Group globally for the adoption and use of digital education technology.

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SiteControl™ | Process Integration & Asset Management
SiteControl™ enables its clients to streamline and centralise information and workflow management; enabling a significant reduction in the time required capturing, managing and reporting information, and issues throughout a projects entire lifecycle.  In addition to an existing collection of industry forms and workflows SiteControl™ leverages an “element based”, drag and drop focused system that allows its clients to build dynamic forms and workflows to manage their projects in an intuitive, transparent and traceable way.
The objective of SiteControl™ is to provide the global Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction Services industry with a highly secure, Cloud and Enterprise based, web and mobile solution that delivers practical Project Management in one place. From Design development, through Mobilisation and eventual Commissioning, Handover and Closure. It will achieve this by being agile, modular and fit for purpose.
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