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Locke Bircher
Pretty good at computers.
Pretty good at computers.

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If you write a new post it doesn't not appear immediately in your feed, you have to refresh. C'mon G+ :(

I think I like the current iteration of the navigation here in G+. The overall layout has gotten cleaner as well.

If you add the most minimal Google +1 button to a web page it pulls in a 70+ KB font download. I thought Google wanted to make the web faster...

G+ Changes their layout again AKA G+ takes another lame step backward.

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Yeasayer turns up to produce an awesome remix of Charli XCX's SuperLove!

I can make my Home feed a single column (great!), but my profile, and all other profiles, are three columns of nonsense. Will G+ ever stop with the mediocrity?

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G+ is, amazingly, getting a little better these days. I like the "Communities" feature.

Been a while... hey look, that giant white gap is still here! No wonder it's a ghost town.
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