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100% Australian and established for 30 years.
100% Australian and established for 30 years.

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While we all know the incredible benefits swimming has on our bodies, do we really know how to get the most of our workouts?

If you just subconsciously admitted to yourself that you think you could be getting a little extra something something, then the time is now. And it might not be what you expected!

Here’s our top tips:
First things first, focus on your speed, technique and strength.

Swim workouts are best when they are broken down into sets. These usually include a warm up, main set and then a cool down. And believe it or not, long continuous swimming is a big no no… Are as shocked as we were?!

Alas, studies reveal that breaking swimming up into reps with a set recovery is a fantastic way to reset and maintain technique.

So forget what you know about most running and ride workouts, try avoiding a continuous workout when hitting the pool (although high five for your awesome endurance!)

Mixing up distances and efforts is great for maintaining form and as the old saying goes, good form and technique is a swimmer’s best friend! (If you’re not 100% believing that this is an old classic saying, you’ve twisted our arm… it’s not. But it sounds pretty sweet so please forgive us.)

How do we get the most out of our swim workouts?
That’s simple, we recover, reset and then focus on maintaining speed, strength and technique.

A challenge for most swimmers in training is to focus on taking your easy work easy, and your fast work fast. But it is here that you will see the best results.
There’s training programs to suit all swimming levels, so if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced swimmer then find a workout that best suits you. And always focus on building your endurance, improving your stroke and breath consistency.
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We thought we’d investigate exactly how healthy smoothies are for our bods to answer the big question on everyone's lips - does a smoothie a day really keep the doctor away?

Find out our verdict on the blog now!
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Us folks here at Local Legends sure are passionate about getting out and about and making the most of what the world has to offer. So we've decided to shine a spotlight on hiking in NSW!

Mount Kosciusko Summit Walk – Snowy Mountains
Visit Australia’s highest peak by taking a walk up Mount Kosciusko. The 18.6km return walk offers stunning natural views of mountains, wild flowers and trickling waterfalls. Pack a picnic to enjoy at the top of Australia, but do be warned, to avoid disappointment due to freezing temperatures this hiking track is only open in the warmer months of the year September-May. Cue eye roll

Valley of the Waters, National Pass Trail, Wentworth Falls – The Blue Mountains
Circuits around the falls range from 1-6 km in length, with easy to experienced grades. We suggest choosing a track that suits you and if you’re stocked up on Local Legends Beef Jerky then why not head out for a day of fun filled walking, you could spot waterfalls, wildlife and jaw dropping mountainous views. Winning!

Bondi to Coogee – Sydney
What better way to see the coastline of Sydney then to walk it?!
The best part about this 6 km, scenic coastal walk is there’s plenty of places to stop off for a swim along the way and if you’re anything like us, we’re sure you’ll be very delighted at the stunning views, beaches, cliffs, bays and rock pools along the way.

Mount Gower – Lord Howe Island
While not necessarily on NSW mainland, Lord Howe Island offers incredible walks, particularly at Mount Gower.
Lord Howe Island’s tallest mountain, Mount Gower is a challenging eight hour return trek. Picture rugged terrain, staggering drops and an abundance of flora and fauna. Given the walks intensity, walkers must be accompanied by a licensed guide.

Border Ranges National Park
Pick your adventure at the scenic rain forest by choosing a short 50 m walk, or anything up to a 10 km hike.

Bundagaree Rainforest walk
Located on the north coast of NSW near the stunning, quaint town of Bellingen, this gentle hike swoops along the coastal fringe of Bongil Bongil National Park.
You’ll be sure to see a variety of rain forest birds before reaching the coastal views and don’t forget to pack your Local Legends Jerky for a snack along the 6km loop.
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Be Mindful of Mindfulness, yep, you heard us!

To find out more check out the blog!
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Is Yoga More Than Just Fancy Stretching?

What is the first thing you think of when you think of yoga? Breathing? Ohm-ing? Fancy stretching?

Although yoga has become more mainstream in recent years there is still a stigma attached to it: it is just stretching for ladies. What if I told you yoga is 1) more than just stretching and 2) for everyone?

There are many types of yoga for many types of people. Just pick one that suits you best and you will be feeling amazing in no time.

What a great name. Vinyasa; it just flows, doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly what Vinyasa yoga is!
Vinyasa yoga is flowing that focuses on movement and breath. It is more fast-paced with the quick sequences of movement and sometimes difficult poses. Almost like a dance, not a stretch.

Yes, this is the sweat one. Think of it like a sauna but you’re moving around a lot and sweating a lot more. Bikram yoga consist of 26 specific yoga poses and 2 breathing exercises in 40-degree heat. We all know sweating is good for you, and so is exercise; so why not do both?

AntiGravity (Aerial)
It is exactly what the name suggests: yoga in the air. No, you are not floating in some zero-gravity room; you use a hammock-like apparatus that is connected to the ceiling to move through different postures and poses. Think P!nk at her concerts flying through the air or Cirque de Soleil.

It is fun and comes with great health benefits. It is great for people with back issues, increases flexibility, and comes with all the usual benefits of yoga.

Hatha yoga is the most common style of yoga for beginners. It focuses on the postures and is more relaxed and slow that Vinyasa or Bikram. This one is more stretching than anything while still making you work towards strength and balance.

Hopefully now you have more of an idea about yoga and the different types that you can try. We promise it more than just stretching.
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Do you want the very best of the 80s, 90s and today to get bopping and dropping along to on your next workout?

Say no more! Local Legends has your back with the ultimate workout playlist!

Find out all the juicy beats on the blog now:
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All About Boxing...

Boxing has forever been viewed as a violent and intimidating sport; take away the ring and an actual fight and what do you get? An amazing workout. Not only do you feel and look like a badass doing it, boxing also has great health and fitness benefits.

To find out more about the amazing benefits that boxing can have on your body head to the news page on the website!
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What on Earth is Slide Boarding?!

If Superman uses it to exercise, so will we. Actor Henry Cavill recently posted to social media a bizarre video of him exercising by sliding side-to-side on, you guessed it, a Slide Board! So, what exactly is this crazy invention and is it actually exercise?

What is a Slide Board?
The Slide Board is made of wood with a slick polyurethane surface that is polished for a fast and smooth slide. Special fabric booties are worn to slide. Designed for exercise that enables you to move side-to-side rather than forwards or backwards. It is designed for cardio and strength training.

Benefits of a Slide Board
Turns out Slide Boards are great for anyone coming back from a knee injury. The Slide Board lets your knees be stable while still strengthening them. You can use the Slide Board to build glute and leg strength and really work your inner thighs.
The Slide Board targets the hip stabilising muscles and is a good aerobic cross-training exercise too. You can find multiple exercises to do on the Slide Board depending on what you want to focus on in your workout.
As the Slide Board can be used for cardio, resistance training, speed and agility, balance and core exercises (plus it looks super fun) you burn a lot of calories. Having fun working out? Yes please! It also improves your balance, hip strength, reduces risk of a hip injury, improves distance running, and improves all round stability.

We are guessing the Slide Board is going to be the next big, fun thing in workouts this year. We will all be sliding into fitness!
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Best Places To Hike In QLD.

Queensland it’s your time to shine! After all, you do consider yourself the sunshine state. This week we’re investigating the best places to hike around Queensland. So, next time you’re visiting make sure you check out these places.

Kondalilla Falls
Located on the Sunshine Coast, the Kondalilla Falls walk is a great short walk. And best of all, there’s a beautiful pot of gold to dip yourself in at the end of the walk. And by pot of gold we mean swimming hole.
This walk is great for friends or families wanting a leisurely stroll followed by a fun dip in some natural water. The natural rock pools at the top are perfect to swim in and have great views. The rock stairs and definite path is easy for everyone to walk on and is perfect for the whole family.

Binna Burra – Ships Stern Circuit
Lamington National Park combines rainforest, palm groves and open eucalypt forest with excellent lookouts over the Numinbah Valley. If you take a short side detour you will find the gorgeous Lower Ballanjui Falls. While the circuit itself is not too difficult it is a long one.

The beginning in a bit of a descent and then an ascent to the beautiful Ships Stern viewpoint. After that it is pretty level. The Ships Stern Circuit is a beautiful look at Binna Burra and should not be missed.

Mt Warning
Located just over the NSW border, Mt Warning is the first place on Australian mainland to see the sun, so if you’re an early bird, catching sunrise from the peak is usually a crowd favourite. The 8.8km walk usually takes around 5 hours in total with a challenging rock climb before reaching the summit.
If you’re not too keen on literally climbing a mountain there is a great, shorter track. The Lyrebird Track winds down through the forest to a platform amongst the lush environment. The spectacular, sweeping 360-degree coastal and rainforest views are a must.

Mt Barney
One of the most popular walking in SEQ is Mt Barney National Park. Mount Barney, Mount Maroon, Mount May, Mount Lindesay, Mount Ernest, Mount Ballow and Mount Clunie make up the Mt Barney National Park. They mountain itself is the remains of a volcano that erupted over 24 million years ago. The summit is a cool rainforest (cool as in temperature and cool as in awesome) with eucalyptus surrounding. Mt barney is perfect for someone who loves a good hike.

Queensland is a great place for lovers of hiking with its different trails and summits to conquer. We will see you in QLD.
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The Little (Grown Up) Mermaid

If you were a little girl (or boy) singing along to The Little Mermaid and pretending to have no legs in the pool as a kid, your dreams have come true! The newest fitness craze sweeping the world is Mermaiding. Yes, you read that correct, Mermaiding. As in, you act like a mermaid while still getting a workout. How great is that?!

So, What Exactly Is Mermaiding?

Basically, mermaiding is where you are in a pool with, you guessed it, a mermaid tail on. The mermaid fins obviously keep your legs together, making it harder to move around the water. The 45-minute session sees you swimming around with the fin on getting into tip-top shape.

Why Does It Work?

It is a well-known fact that swimming is a great way to workout. It helps your muscles and repertory system and keeps your heartrate going. So, if you can’t kick your legs up-and-down or do a frog kick, you must work harder. By restraining your legs, you activate your core more resulting in a fantastic ab workout.

Now, you don’t get to just frolic around in the water singing Disney songs all session; this is a serious workout. Beach balls and noodles are incorporated to target different parts of the body. Your abs, arms and legs all get to feel the burn; and the best part is, you look ethereal doing it!

So, if you’re looking for a fun new workout (or just want to live out your dream of being a mermaid) this is the thing for you!
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