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Point, Click and Crack for Live Maine Lobster Delivery
Point, Click and Crack for Live Maine Lobster Delivery

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So how do you know if you got a #Freshlobster?
1. Check out the antennae: If they are long and all in one piece, then you know you've caught a keeper. #lobsters at the grocery store have not seen the sea in weeks! You might notice a chewed up or missing antennae.
2. Is the Lobster Angry (like this one)? Are his claws raised and tail flapping? If so you know you got a good active, healthy #lobster.

For more tips on how to buy the best Maine lobster anywhere see our guide!

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Maine way! Make some #Mainelobster #Tacos!
Fill up your taco shells with big chunks of #lobster meat!

Get the recipe here>

#tacos #CincoDeMayo #Mexico #seafood #lobsters


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Greetings from New England! With this great weather we should catch some of the seasons best lobsters!
#lobster #lobsters #mainelobster
Now shipping lobsters coast-to-cost for special occasions or none at all!

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Do you know how to shop for fresh scallops? Do you know the difference between wet and dry scallops? How about diver scallops? Learn more with our Scallop 101 Guide!
#Scallops #Seascallops #freshseafood

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Who makes the best Lobster Benedict in Boston? A pilot captain in Gloucester, Massachusetts , Bob Blair loves the water, plus a good #lobster! Check out his recipe for Lobster Eggs Benedict!

#breakfast #brunch #lobster #seafood #lobsters

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Never confuse the lobster roll with a lobster salad! Need a recipe for a fancy and light lobster salad?
#lobstersalad #mainelobster #lobsters

Check out this recipe!

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So what size lobster should you buy? What is a good size lobster for an adult? How about for a big crowd? Learn more in our article, "How to Pick the Right Size Lobster".


Pictured on the left: a Monster 6 lb. live lobster.
Pictured on the right: a "small" 3 lb. live lobster

#lobster #livelobster #cooking #seafood #lobsters #mainelobster


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Here's a recipe for the best lobster salad on any coast! Made with fresh picked Maine lobster meat and tossed in a wonderful, light champagne vinaigrette dressing. The salad has a stunning presentation.

#lobstersalad #mainelobster #salad #lobstermeat

Checkout the recipe>

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Epic SEAFOOD Dinner Two! Not Shellfish with LOVE
She's a Catch. He's a Keeper.
It's a fresh catch of local seafood shipping your way for Valentine's Day dinner! This special dinner includes a whole lot of seafood love: ME Jumbo lobster tails, Colossal Shrimp, and scallops wrapped in bacon.

Per Person:
(1) Jumbo 8-10 oz. Cold-water Atlantic lobster tails
(3) 3 All--Natural Colossal Shrimp
(4) Scallops wrapped in Bacon
(1) Belgium chocolate

Stay in this #valentinesday! Ships anywhere in the USA.
Catch it online>

#lobster #lobsterdinner #seafood #valentinesdaydinner #valentinesgift
#shrimp #lobstertails #scallops

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He's Your Lobster! There are a SEA of romantic guys to get your guy this Valentine's Day. Nothing says ‘LOVE’ like Lobster! Reel him in with a romantic lobster dinner for two. You know what really stinks?

* Making reservations at an overpriced, packed restaurant
* Getting all dressed up (or putting on pants at all)!
* Trudging through the rain or snow to get there.
* Shelling out big bucks for the "set" menu.

We've said it once, and we'll say it again: he does not want drug store chocolates or stuffed bear made in China for Valentines day.

See our gift guide for the TOP 5 Romantic Gift for Guys

#lobster #lobsterdinner #romanticdinner #valentinesgift #giftforhim #iloveyou#valentinesday #foodgifts #lobsters #valentinegiftideas #dinner #romanticgifts

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