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On the first Day of #Christmas My True Lobster Gave to Me—a Shrimp Christmas Tree!

Wow them this holiday season with a tree full of #ShrimpCocktail

Learn how to make a shrimp Christmas tree

#Shrimp #FreshSeafood #Lobstergifts #ChristmasDinner
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Lobster Tails Japanese Style.

Split lobster tails, brushed with sweet miso sauce and broiled.

Recipe courtesy of Japanese chef and cooking instructor Shirley Karasawa of Lovely Lanvin.

Get the #lobstertails from seafood experts

#lobstertails #lobster #lobsters #Japanese #JapaneseCooking

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Lobster Tempura!

Tempura 天ぷら (Tempura #Lobster!)
Tempuru #lobstertails with shiitake mushrooms & asparagus.

Make this at home with tails from

Get the recipe from Japanese cooking instructor Shirley K and shares her recipes on her blog Lovely Lanvin.

#lobster #japanesecooking #recipes #tempura #mainelobster #Japanese 
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Lobster Rolls and Lobster Salad are Not the Same! Here's a simple recipe for lobster salad.

#lobsterrolls #lobstersalad
How to make a lobster salad? Many Maine lobster rolls use lobster salad to make them legitimate. Both start with fresh lobster and build from there.
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What about some baked stuffed #lobster! This recipe includes fresh bay scallops and shrimp!

#recipe #delicious #foodie #cooking #shrimp #lobsters #seafood
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Yes We Love it!
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How Do You Know If Your #Lobsters are #Cooked?
Lobsters may still be under-cooked or over-cooked EVEN if the shell turns entirely red.
When properly cooked, lobster meat is a creamy white color all the way through with no translucent areas.
To double check if a lobster is done, give a good tug on its antenna. If it pops off, the lobster is done. The small walking legs will pull out—another sign the lobster is cooked.
* Insert an instant-read thermometer in the underside of the tail closest to the body. The internal temperature should read about 135-140 degrees F.

Get more lobstercooking tips, from

#lobsters #cookinglobster
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Maine Whoopie Pies Fact or Fiction
*Whoopie Pies are Maine's Official Dessert
*Pennsylvania made the biggest whoopie pie.
*Whoopie Pies are the same as a Moon Pies
*Get the answers and Learn about the history of whoopie pies and learn how to make them at home.Learn More 
Who invented whoopie pies? Learn about the history of whoopie pies - Maine's Official State treat. Have whoopie pies shipped to you or someone special!
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4 Lobster Claw Quick Facts
1. A lobster's crusher claw can exert pressure up to 100 lbs. per square inch.
2. Almost half of any lobster's weight comes from its claws!
3. Lobsters can be left or right handed (determined by the position of the pincher claw.)!
4. Lobsters have two types of claws. The larger "crusher" claw is designed to crack hard objects such as shells. The slender "pincher" claw is used for tearing food.

Featured below is a colossal 6 lb. Monster lobster just in time Halloween!
You can see his impressive crusher claw!

#lobster #lobsters #seafood #lobsterfacts #mainelobster

Prefer the lobster claws? Check out our cocktail lobster claws for sale online

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Don't Skimp on the #Shrimp!
#Colossalshrimp 8-12 count— that's means there are 8 to 12 shrimp per pound.

We made shrimp cocktail with these amazing shrimp. Add 2 tbs. of sea salt to a pot of water and boil for about 5-6 minutes (DO NOT OVERCOOK). Drain and submerge shrimp in a bowl of ice to stop the cooking process. Chill for an hour and serve.

*All-natural & sustainable
*Seafood Watch recommends our shrimp as “best choice”.
*Shipped uncooked, IQF (individually quick frozen).

Land some big shrimp online:

#shrimpcocktail #freshseafood 
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Lobster Grilled Cheese Panini

The lobster roll craze has taken hold of the US. You are sure to spot lobster trucks roaming the boulevards of the big cities. But another crustacean sandwich that needs some props is our soon to be famous Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

For the extra crunch and gooey goodness, we made it on a panini grill! Check out the recipe.

#grilledcheese   #lobster   #seafood   #lobsterrolls   #lobsters   #lobstergrilledcheese   #panini  
The ultimate lobster grilled cheese sandwich made with three, mild cheeses. Make this simple lobster grilled cheese on a panini grill for a slice of heaven.
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Did you know It takes up to 4 whole 1 1/4 lb. lobsters to make 1 Pound of cleaned meat. Approximately two cups of lobster meat equals one pound.

If your making lobster rolls, or a special dish like Lobster Mac & Cheese you'll save some money and labor with fresh cooked meat.

#lobster #seafood #lobsterrolls #meat #mainelobster

Lobsteranywhere ships beautiful claw and knuckle meat.

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What Size Lobster Pot?
We often get asked what size #lobster  pot to cook X amount of #lobsters. Whether you steam or boil, pick a pot with lots of room. Here are some suggestions.

1. Do not crowd the lobsters in the pot as the heat will not circulate evenly around the lobsters.
2. If you do not have a big pot, cook lobsters in batches, using a couple of pots. A 4-5 oz. soup pot will work well for a couple lobsters. A 19-quart pot will cook about 5-6 1 1/4 lb. #livelobsters  
3. The pot does not have to be heavy duty as water will actually boil faster in a lighter gauge metal pot.

For more #cooking  suggestions see our Lobster Cooking Guide here

And if your looking to buy #freshlobsters  check out our market prices.
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