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Bonjourrr, mes amis !
Thursday is here, and we make our plans for the weekend. September ends soon and we make our plans for holidays. Today is today any time of the year, so make your plans like you mean it, and see yourself in Paris right this moment. See, touch, smell, hear and feel it. The opportunity will come to you quicker than you think ;)
Start with the Free French Crash Course:
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Bonsoir, les amis !
Check out the article below for an amazing recipe for your French immersion success, and watch the video for some French that sells!

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Bonjourrr, les amis !
Sunday breakfast - any breakfast on a Parisian patio - is the best meal of the week, no?
Let me know in the comments below, and check out the Free French Crash Course:
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Bonjourrr !
Brunch, promenade... and the Free French Crash Course!
oui oui oui :D

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Bonjourrr, les amis !
Today is my birthday, and I'd like to thank everyone who send me their birthday wishes to me <3
My tradition is to offer YOU something for my birthday and, since candies are hard to send (and enjoyed) virtually, here's my gift from the bottom of my heart:
Behind that page there's a gift (besides the free webinar ;) )
I wish everyone a day filled with joy and love!!
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Register now to get the replay and Big Gift from me to you on my birthday :)
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Bonjourrr, mes adorable amis !
Look at your feet. Right now, just look at your feet.
Imagine them in your favorite shoes. Now, the floor becomes your favorite street in Paris. You see familiar faces and say « Bonjour ! » then a remark about that person's chic outfit. They say something back, you smile.
Want the real immersion? Start with the Free French Crash Course:
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Bonne nuit, les amis !
Thought immersion is too far in the future for you? What if you could go in 2 months - what about being able to speak to Parisians this soon? Get your Free French Crash Course to find out how:

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America, I beg of you, learn this from the French.
"Melancholy is the joy of being sad."
It has a bitter-sweet taste like a good, creamy coffee, or a jam made of bitter fruit (bitter cherry or grapefruit).
Taste it! Revel in it! Enjoy it!
Write a poem about it, which should always involve a love that you're missing, and you know it's on its way back to you. <3 
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Bonsoir, I'm your French coach!
I’m the person who you wonder if she ever sleeps. Between the newsletter and the specials hot-from-the-oven, the daily videos and the FB updates, you may think that I never get any shut-eye.
Oh, but I do!
Especially this week I sleep very well – a couple of hours a night, but very, very well.
That’s because this week I’m preparing for the next Immersion Retreat, and oh, là-là ! is there ever going to be so much fun and lots of coffee!
Read the article below, and tell me in the comments what would you like to do in your next immersion retreat in Paris?

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes - hope to see you soon ;)
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#72: Daily Minute with J'Ouellette - color your French conversation AND the recording of the FREE webinar that helps you immerse is available until tomorrow night:
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I could not be more satisfied with Llyane and with the outstanding program that she offers. The lessons are consistently challenging but not overwhelming. They are brilliantly interwoven so that the student is introduced to new concepts by leveraging and reinforcing material from previous weeks. Llyane is an exceptional teacher. She is very patient, and, without a doubt, she knows how to teach the language. She has the ability to take me out of my comfort zone so that we can concentrate on my weaknesses. At the same time, she doesn’t allow me to be critical of myself. With Llyane, I have learned that my mistakes are not to be loathed but are instead to be embraced as opportunities to learn and to grow. It has been my experience in life that people with such understanding, insight, and guidance are rare. I give Llyane my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to learn French or to improve upon what they already know. I have not regretted for one second my decision to work with Llyane and to take her course. I only wish that I would have found her sooner! ~ Troy
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Cindy's workshop is training actors to commit to their impulses. Truly rare, because it resorts to the body, and not the mind, and THIS is the point to start from, in order to tap into the intuition and the genius of the moment. The results? Spectacular! Transformation of the body and mind, bursts of creativity and comfort in my own skin. As a person and an actor - truly cannot put a value on it! Thank you so much, Cindy, for crafting this approach and sharing it with us! Llyane Stanfield
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