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Bonjourrr, les Adorables !
Go fluent, start with the FREE French Crash Course:
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Bonjourrr, les Adorables !
Brunch comes with happy laughters, loving family and friends, and that's what I wish for you <3
If you are ready to do that in Paris, taste the gourmandises and the sweet love in the air, contact me to help you prepare for the most amazing experience of your life:
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95% of my students at an intermediate level couldn't converse in French before they met me because they didn't know these simple secrets that I'm introducing in the J'Ouellette Intensif:
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Bonjourrr et bon appétit, les Adorables ! ;)
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Bonjourrr, les Adorables !
Start mastering your conversation, using this free Crash Course:
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Bonjourrr, les Adorables !
Want to talk to me about your French?
Come here:
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Bonjourrr, les Adorables !
Comment ça va ?
My heart explodes with expectation for this week. (with me)
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Bonjourrr, les Adorables !
To find out more about the secret lil' quick SPECIAL that ends tonight, contact me here:
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Bonjourrr, les Adorables !
Please bring your own coffee ;)

I had a client who came to me as French high school teacher yet conversation was something yet to master. Learning the parts of the language is one thing but being able to be fluent in French is the next step and no matter your level I can help you.

AND, to get the Skype special (today and tomorrow ONLY), please contact me here:
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Bonne nuit, les Adorables !
Feel like you're so close but you're just not quite there when it comes to being able to hold a conversation in French? If you're looking to put in those little details that let you be fluent in speaking even if you are at the beginner or intermediate level, then come and check out my J'Ouellette Intensif:
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Bonjourrr, les Adorables !
Start making conversation today, using this free Crash Course:
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Bonjourrr, les Adorables !
(a pretty cool stereotype, wouldn't you say?)
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Parisian French Coach Online
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  • J'Ouellette: Parisian French Tutoring on Skype
    French Coach, present
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Learn Parisian French On Skype

I help busy traveling professionals become bilingual in 5 months or less.

 Takes too long?
 Spent too much?
 Embarrassed, frustrated and sick of feeling ignorant?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then LOOK NO MORE! 

Lifetime access, 100% guarantee and nothing to lose: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Give me 2 weeks and I’ll give you the confidence.
Give me 2 months and you’ll never need another course again.
Give me 5 – CONGRATULATIONS! You are Fully Bilingual!

You can become fluent in French at any age, and you didn’t miss the train if you started later than the age of 4. Also, with standard French, you can make yourself well understood all over the world.

You will no longer fear that not trying something new and possibly wonderful will become how you make decisions on similar opportunities in the future, missing out on so much you could enjoy.

How much is worth to you: 
- your confidence,
- the health and development of your brain,
- learning how to learn languages and any other skill?

If you answered “pretty much everything”, then contact the expert here.

For all ages & levels: start learning Parisian French without an accent today!

See more at
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I could not be more satisfied with Llyane and with the outstanding program that she offers. The lessons are consistently challenging but not overwhelming. They are brilliantly interwoven so that the student is introduced to new concepts by leveraging and reinforcing material from previous weeks. Llyane is an exceptional teacher. She is very patient, and, without a doubt, she knows how to teach the language. She has the ability to take me out of my comfort zone so that we can concentrate on my weaknesses. At the same time, she doesn’t allow me to be critical of myself. With Llyane, I have learned that my mistakes are not to be loathed but are instead to be embraced as opportunities to learn and to grow. It has been my experience in life that people with such understanding, insight, and guidance are rare. I give Llyane my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to learn French or to improve upon what they already know. I have not regretted for one second my decision to work with Llyane and to take her course. I only wish that I would have found her sooner! ~ Troy
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Paris - New York - Toronto
Cindy's workshop is training actors to commit to their impulses. Truly rare, because it resorts to the body, and not the mind, and THIS is the point to start from, in order to tap into the intuition and the genius of the moment. The results? Spectacular! Transformation of the body and mind, bursts of creativity and comfort in my own skin. As a person and an actor - truly cannot put a value on it! Thank you so much, Cindy, for crafting this approach and sharing it with us! Llyane Stanfield
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