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I BEAT THE RAIN AGAIN! I enjoy riding in the rain, but not when I'm on busy urban streets. I also rather enjoy the diffused light of an overcast day--easier on the eyes, and makes me more visible to motorists too. So yesterday I took off knowing the rains were rolling in. My challenge was to get in a few miles before the downpour. Got 'er done!   #roadcycling   #jacksonville
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No, this one is a keeper. It was custom made for me, and I love it. Serrotta made custom bikes in New York for 31 years, but sadly went out of business in 2013. I was hoping to buy another one, but... too late. 
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Lloyd Lemons

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Give a cyclist proper space... the dynamic envelope. #roadcycling  
It's from England, but just imagine the cars are on the other side of the road and you'll get it.
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+Lloyd Lemons Even this morning I caught myself chanting this mantra, " too close to the fog line, too close to the fog line". I was doing this when I knew that on coming traffic was going to meet me at the same time as the traffic that I could see in my mirror coming up from behind me.  I am so happy when the traffic behind me slows down until the other car passes.  This situation never happened until I started riding out further away from the fog line.

Do not be fooled, it is scary, at least for me, and it seems like it will take me forever to get use to it as I ride most of the time by myself. Not every car slows down, but I do notice that more of them do slow down and pass in the opposite lane as long as I am "in the right spot" in the lane. If a car squeezes by too close, then I move a little further into the lane.
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Lloyd Lemons

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Latest blog post. Be safe out there! Heat stoke and dehydration can be dangerous. Common sense can save the day. 
HERE ARE A FEW BRIEF TIPS for surviving the summer heat while riding your bike. There are dozens of articles by experts that will give you the deep science about body heat and fluids and other stuff. And if all those numbers and matrices make you feel more confident, then by all means read the articles. As for me, I’m not an expert in physiology, but I’ve survived some pretty stupid stunts in my time, and I can certainly share some wisdom from pr...
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Insulated hydro-packs are so worth the investment. I have a Coleman. I paid less than $30 for it. It keeps two litres of fluid icy cold for hours and has loads of compartments in it to pack other stuff I might need while on a bike trip, or hike, or rollerblading, or  whatever. Three bouts of heat exhaustion prior to using one, and it hasn't happened since. :)
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Lloyd Lemons

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The trail has rules too.  Be courteous and share the space so everyone can enjoy it. 
Trails are for everyone! Find tips for how to use trails safely, and understand how to share the trail with all trail users.
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note: other users don't like pacelines :o
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Lloyd Lemons

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Soloist? Freelancer? Indie Worker? Mompreneur? Free Agent? Moonlighter? Whatever you call yourself, this is important.

The freelance movement is happening in relative statistical and policy-making darkness. Changing that should be a national priority.
#Soloist   #Freelancer  
New study from the Government Accountability Office and Freelancers Union highlights the needs for improvements for independent workers.
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Lloyd Lemons

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I'm traveling to Gun Barrel City, TX on June 20th. I'll be there for 3 or 4 days. I'm wondering if there's much cycling interest/action there. Good roads? Bad drivers? Does anyone have any input? Thanks!   #roadcycling  
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Texas and Florida are similar in drivers unless in Austin.
Dallas, Grand Prairie-Arlington, and Ft. Worth have some amazing trails.

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Lloyd Lemons

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Great ride today. This is one of my oldest neighbors. He roars very loudly when you walk by. I wanted him to take a selfie of us, but he has no opposable thumbs. #roadcycling
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+Lloyd Lemons​, I think the bit about thumbs is an effort to distract you from the fact that his arms are too short even with a selfie-stick! 
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Lloyd Lemons

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IT DOESN'T HAVE TO COST $MILLION$! If cities really wanted to change they could. Got Paint? My 2-cents... make the paint a "new" color, like fluorescent blue maybe. All  cycling pathways should have they own identifiable color scheme.  #safecycling
Care for the "3-to-2" road diet? Or how about an old "4-to-2" instead? This video shows all the innovative ways you can make room...
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Would love to see the illustration updated with:

- Vehicles scaled to actual width of standard U.S. passenger vehicles
- 8-foot-wide F-150 pickup parked in the 7-foot parking lanes on both sides, hanging a foot into the travel lane & bike lane
- Opening car door swinging out to 11 feet from the curb
- Standard U.S. transit bus, 10.5' wide including mirrors, driving next to the bike lane
- That car parked nose-in mid-block backing out through the bike lane to rejoin traffic
- Riders other than standard upright bikes, e.g. common adult trikes and pedicabs are up to 50 inches wide
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It's not a long stretch, but it's a step in the right direction. #roadcycling
cycling project to date, a 0.5km two-way separated cycle track along a busy city centre road previously described as a "strangling motorway".The John Dobson
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Lloyd Lemons

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MANY OF US, WHO NEVER ATTAINED that glorious dream of a college degree, have absolutely no regrets. Before you incur a mortgage-sized debt, without ever owning a home, ask yourself: What do I really want to be when I grow up?  (I'm still not sure.) The world, and its requirements for success, has changed dramatically. 
With student loans reaching mortgagee-sized proportions, more people are creating creative alternatives to traditional higher ed.
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I wholeheartedly agree with this. Not to mention, college today is nothing like it was 20 years ago.
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Lloyd Lemons

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The question used to be: "Where do you work?," but now we’re more likely to ask: "What are you working on?"   #freelancer  
The nation's growing freelance workforce doesn't have the security of benefits and paid vacation, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
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Lloyd Lemons

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Do you ever have one of those days when the legs seem to have taken a day off? That was my day today. Great ride but felt unusually tired. Also fought heavy traffic the whole way (don't people go to work anymore?), and had some alignment problems with my speed/cadence sensor that I had to fix on the road. 

STILL! I enjoyed the experience! Any day on the bike is better than a day in the office.   #roadcycling
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+John Hanley Great description. Ouch!
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Writer | Cycling Instructor
Content Development | Social Media | Storytelling | Scriptwriting | Serious Cycling
  • Lloyd Lemons / Content
    Owner, 1982 - present
    Content and script writer, and creative consultant; served over 280 corporate clients.
  • Cycling Nirvana
    Owner, 2007 - 2015
    Spreading the joy and wisdom of cycling for late bloomers, second chancers and athletes of a certain age.
  • Express Technology Inc.
    Intn'l Marketing Director, 1990 - 1991
    Created strategic communications for marketing technology to 36-countries.
  • Accuform Manufacturing Inc.
    Marketing Manager, 1984 - 1989
    Created strategic communications for marketing industrial sign systems
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I’ve been a commercial writer and marketing consultant for over 25-years and have worked with hundreds of astute marketers from around the world, many with complex product offerings. My storytelling skill set is diverse and includes:

  • a Da Vincian curiosity
  • listening, questioning and critical thinking skills
  • content strategy and story development
  • video scriptwriting
  • mechanical and technological aptitude
  • a strategic vision for social media
  • a practiced eye for effective design
  • an energy for creative collaboration

Here is a partial list of organizations I've worked with over the years. It illustrates the diversity of my experience in solving marketing communications problems.

I’ve been active in social media for 13-years. As it continues to evolve and expand exponentially, I’ve moved more of my efforts to Google Plus. The G+ platform is both powerful and manageable. From here you have a connection to most everything I do.

I'm also an avid cyclist with a penchant for long-distance, unsupported rides. I advocate for cycling, mentor anyone willing to listen, and believe the bike can heal the body and awaken the mind. (I’m living proof of that.) I write and edit the blog Cycling Nirvana, where I share stories about serious cycling for the young at heart. I also discuss issues of safety, endurance, and health and fitness for people of a certain age, late-bloomers and other enthusiasts. Additionally, I own the G+ Page, Cycling Nirvana/BRIEFS, where I bring you short bits of knowledge to make your cycling life safer and more enjoyable.

I’m currently writing a book called: The Simplest Machine. It explores diverse styles of bicycle riding, the mental and physical benefits associated with a cycling lifestyle, and the adventure that cycling can be.

Here are a few things that interest me:

  • good writing/storytelling
  • social media marketing
  • scriptwriting
  • creativity
  • design
  • photography
  • technology
  • science
  • resilience/self-reliance
  • freelancing/soloing
  • older athletes
  • endurance over 50
  • health & fitness
  • longevity
  • cycling
  • bicycles
  • cycling advocacy
  • cycling education

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Married for 37 years. (To the same woman!) And father to two good men.
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