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I forgot how much TouchWiz sucks but Cyanogenmod isn't available for the Galaxy Tab 3 so I'm stuck it.

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Created a blog about my adventures with the BBB

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IF Apple announces the new iPad today... I'll give one away!

UPDATE! IT was announced! I'll order it today, they ship on March 16th so when I get it, I'll send it to the winner!

Here is how to enter:

1) You gotta have me in a Circle. Got that? Cool.
2) Publicly share this post!

That's it! So, if you want to be one of the first people to get your hands on an iPad3 here is your first chance!!! I'll announce the winner one week from today.

Oh, and this is only for US and Canada folks. Sorry! I love you guys across the pond but shipping is very, very difficult and expensive for these types of things.

PS - For those of you who are skeptical, YES - I really am giving away the new iPad. And +Cali Lewis and I give away stuff all the time. Most of the time we get things donated because of our show (GeekBeat.TV), but in this case I'm paying for the new iPad out of my own pocket and one of you lucky souls will win it. Enjoy!

PS Again! - I got the order in! Here's a sneak peak:

Okay, people. Don't bother adding me in your job is listed as marketer, you follow thousands of people, and your only posts are about SEO and/or marketing.

Just sent a bunch of invites out. I wonder how long it takes for google to actually send them

Home from far too long a day and trying to unwind a bit before bed.

I wonder if they'll be desktop apps for G+ like there are for Twitter. It's nice to not have to fire up a browser to check on the stream
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