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sugar-powered fuel cell has 10 times the energy storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries used now in electric cars. :) This cell is refillable with a solution of maltodextrin; among its byproducts are electricity and water.  More info at ►  
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+Maitham AlSarraf One solution for two problems.. electricity and water ;-)
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24hrs to go! The countdown has begun for you to learn everything about YouTube.
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Today’s the day to become a Glass Explorer

We let the cat out of the bag, you marked your calendars, and the time has finally arrived. If you're a US resident who is 18+, you can purchase Glass and join the Explorer Program at

The Explorer bundle costs $1500+tax and includes your favorite shade or frame, a charger, pouch, hard case and mono earbud. As an Explorer, your feedback will help to shape how Glass evolves over time. 

We’ve got a limited number of spots available, so don’t wait too long – we can't wait to meet you and hear about your first adventures with Glass. 
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Call for contributions to personal Histories of and from the Indian Subcontinent. Submit an image and a story from your family archives.
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How much good can one person do? :)  One man planted 1360 acres alone 

Some trees can live for thousands of years.  I guess we have some things to learn from them.  :)  Scientists are studying long lived plants and animals to figure out how we may live longer lives too.  One example of a somewhat studied lifeform is the 'immortal' jellyfish ►

Old Tjikko, a 9,550 year old Norway Spruce, is the oldest known living individual clonal tree, located in Sweden ►  A clonal colony can survive for much longer than an individual tree. A colony of 47,000 quaking aspen trees, covering 106 acres (43 ha) in the Fishlake National Forest of the United States, is considered one of the oldest and largest organisms in the world. The colony has been estimated to be 80,000 years old.

If people are more selfless, like this man, we will create the brilliant future a lot faster than many think, as Google Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil explains in one of the videos at ►

#greenliving     #greenenergy     #persistence     #trees   #longevityscience  
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My #ingresswear submission .. Ingress Zen
+Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley 
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Free Software activist ..
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