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Lizzie Robinson
I just kind of do my thing and hope someone out there appreciates it every now and then.
I just kind of do my thing and hope someone out there appreciates it every now and then.


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April 17-23rd - 27.9 Miles! #WalkingToMordor #LOTR

I walked almost 30 miles this week! I walked almost 30 miles this week because I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life, and walking seems to help with that. Tuesday morning at 8am, I was walking through Washington Heights as the store owners…

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April 11th - 1 Year In. Leaving Lothlórien. #WalkingToMordor #LOTR

1 Year. I’ve been walking to Mordor for a year! I’ll quickly admit that I go through phases of not walking much at all because I get so busy. Walking just takes a long time. No doubt about it. Today I walked 4.9 miles all around Manhattan as I worked on a…

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January 19th - 4.4 Miles to Redhorn Pass #walkingtomordor #LOTR

I’ve been awful at updating the blog for a while, but that doesn’t mean that my journey hasn’t continued. To be honest, sometimes it takes so long to walk everywhere that I just don’t have time to write a post about it. (But most of the time I’m just…

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November 9th - 4 miles in search of healing #walkingtomordor

Our country is a mess. We all seem to be at each other’s throats, and nobody is having very much fun. Last night it all went down and this morning I woke up to a fear and uncertainty about my rights and my future that I’d never quite felt before. That’s a…

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September 9th - 4.4 Miles, Including A Volcanic View #WalkingToMordor #Vanuatu

The desert exploring continued when I went out with my friend and her daughter to find blackberries. We never found the berries, but we did get a nice view of a volcano. This part of Southern Utah is very interesting to me. There are places of flat…

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September 4th - 2.9 Miles of Desert #WalkingToMordor

It’s a change of scenery for a few months! I’m in Southern Utah and will be doing a little red rock exploring for a bit. Because the landscape out here, this part of the walk is much closer to what Sam and Frodo experience in that final climb toward Mount…

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August 19-21st: 16 Touristing Miles Around Manhattan #WalkingToMordor #nyc

I’m back in the city after some time away for my family reunion. I also managed to really mix up my schedule for this weekend and triple booked myself. 16 miles later, it was a really fun weekend! Two friends from high school were in town for one day, and…

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August 5th & 6th - 8 Miles of Family Reunion Bliss and Mayhem #WalkingToMordor #RobinsonReunion2016

It has been almost 20 years since we had a family reunion on my Dad’s side of the family. Somehow, in the early months of this year, I was put in charge of the one we were having this month. So, for the past 6 months I’ve been planning this party. Anyone…

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August 1st - 4.4 Miles Of Conversation With An Old Friend #WalkingToMordor

You know those people in your life that you’ve known forever and only see occasionally but you always seem to just pick up right where you left off? Those are special friendships that are a wonderful treasure. Yesterday I got together with an old friend…

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July 29 through 31st - 7.3 miles in Idaho #WalkingToMordor #Idaho #auntielizzie

If you’ve been following along, you’ve noticed that most of my miles have been made through the concrete jungle of Manhattan. I usually get out of the city more often, but these past 6 months have been odd. At some point in May, I went a little crazy and…
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