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You'll wake up one morning and find the car has driven itself to the garage.
Your car can be your drive after a night out drinking !
I want to see how these robot cars work when they encounter a construction zone where there are additional painted lines all over the road or where it's snowed and you can't see any lines on the road anyway and so people aren't staying in their lanes anyway. I think these cars may be more likely to cause an accident in these cases.
I'm afraid of driving because I don't like the possibility that I will cause a crash. I'm getting one as soon as it becomes available to the public.
+Jonathan Clark "(...) and half a set of tires." A robot car would not make it because it is not economical. The point is not to build a racer, but a safe and efficient transport system. +Willie Gillespie Sure it wouldn't, not yet at least. But analysis of visual marks is not the only way to go, I believe.
Yeah, Nevada, one city and one town state with straight roads. Won't see this in New York or California, could you imagine them testing this in downtown san francisco.
+Woodralina Fitzsimons google did test their self driven cars in SF i would imagine. Though with a driver aboard.
Looking forward to it is a reality globaly.
I think these is awesome! Less accidents on roads, no more bills for fast driving and no more traffic jams on rush hour!
Hari B
Google should get the car to Bangalore for testing...If it passes ....It can surely run anywhere in the world..
great.. now if we can devise an entirely new (and separated from pedestrians) system of roads for them so we don't have to worry about being killed every day just for walking or cycling in your neighborhood then it might be getting somewhere
not appl-able in pot holled Africa
What are the rules? Most importantly, who is liable for accidents? This article is next to useless.
Damn,yesterday i just dream my car drop into river cause by `auto pilot`
Nick B.
I'd rather trust one of these on the red plates than one with yellow plates in Ohio...
first approval for plotless drones, now driverless cars.

Skynet is one step closer to existance. 
did you say the kill word you can get burned from google or gmail or youtube and others be careful
Finally a Designated Driver that wont bitch when I wake her up at 02:00 in the morning
Heck with the flying cars! I want everyone else to get a self driving car. I've seen how they drive.
in the given,financial crises,ecomonic slow down mr prez has done good thing for student community.
Holy mother of jelly beans!
Guess we will have it in Canada in 50 years or so, but still nice!
This is very exciting. I have been keeping up on this project over the past two years and it nice seeing something other than tech news on it. For people who missed out on more detailed into about this car you should visit Ted talks (or associated app) and view the presentation on google's automated car. 
So will they be able to charge you with a DUI if your car is doing all the driving?
Will we still need cab drivers?
Now I can flip off other drivers with both middle fingers.
Will the car drive around with a turn signal on when it gets old?
Hum..what are they going to do when one runs someone over?
Since it will probably be a rare event there will be an "investigation." During which it will probably be found the pedestrian did something stupid. The insurance companies will then settle it after long litigation. Since there will be millions of dollars less damage done each year by car accidents nobody will mind much. The real question is how much cheaper will my car insurance get?
How do they give a breath analyzer test to a car ? they live off alcohol
That's a good point. I have computers older than my current car that run just fine. A lot of equipment is not built to last. The company wants you to come back and buy something next year. There's no liability if your phone doesn't work either
+Justin Venus Do you even know what MTBF means? For most computers this is a VERY high number. As a reference, when is the last time you know of a car's computer going out? (Yes, they have computers in them now). I've got two cars with "computers" in them with a total of about 250,000 miles, and not once has the computer gone out. So yes, this tech is ready for daily use. Can we get over our phobia is a better question.
What a surprise. Nevada is just a giant desert. It would be of no surprise if they let a self-flying-plane roam around the area.
yes, very dangerous given the built-in obsolescence manufacturers are building into their products. anything can fail at any time, and at the worst possible moment.
probably a software will ensure that all functions stop in case of emerrgency!
If a blade server fails the manufacturer doesn't get sued for millions of dollars of damages. If a self driving car fails then the manufacturer will. I would think they'd be a bit more careful during the manufacturing process. ;)
33,808 deaths from automobile accidents in 2010. With humans driving. I don't believe your "what if" scenario will be worse.
Justin - instead of shooting holes into the idea and trying to find all the flaws, how about researching as to how the system works and how it will deal with fault tolerance? I'm anxious to see it become an option.
Justin, Google has already logged over 200,000 miles autonomously with zero accidents. So if accidents fall from 33k+ per year to say 5k per year due to equipment failure, does that mean the new system is bad? Sure the manufacturers will bear the burden, but you have to concede that it will be an improvement in safety. Sounds like you are just having issues dealing with the loss of control, but honestly, there are many out there who shouldn't have that control - which is why safety WILL improve in an autonomous driving society.

Until machines take over, of course.
I wasn't saying that 200k miles is enough of a data set in the least. But it is initial justification that the system can be proven in. Will there be issues for early adoption? Certainly. In fact, I'll bet most problems will arise from the "human" drivers more initially than the autonomous vehicles, and the ultimate safety numbers won't be achieved until 100% adoption, when every car on the road can talk to all nearby cars and know their path and destination. Until then we'll have to live with the issues and deal with them, like any new technology.
I seriously need this. I just got fine last night for driving after alcohol.
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