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Ah-mazing. Want it!
Order a pizza by tapping on a refrigerator magnet
It is like hungry / lazy peoples' morse code, enabled by bluetooth.
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now if I could get for a beer and rather refrig - put it on my Chrome Browser
oh wow, we are getting so lazy.
Anyone with kids should make sure to put this out of reach. Otherwise, I see frustration and lots of pizza charges on your card in the future.
"HELP! I'm hungry and I can't get up!"
Can I get this in my car so I can tap it on the way to the nearest Starbucks? Pleeeease? This isn't so bad anymore, but it wasn't so long ago that I'd be hanging out in the starbucks parking lot, a sleeping baby in the car seat, looking for likely people to give $5 to so they could go inside and get me a mocha......
+Liza Sperling Wouldn't have one of those in the house for any food service.. Have a hard time getting the cook to cook now .
Nice. This is definitely a tasty use for the technology. A few years ago the craze was handing out buttons at trade shows that connected to your computer and launched a web page/performed an action when pressed, and you could program it to do most simple functions. I am kind of curious now to see what fun things people have their buttons doing.
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