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Prepare to be astounded.

Watch this man fly with human bird wings...Watching and hearing everyone's reaction changed my day. Ah-mazing.

YouTube video:
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What a dream! I've always wanted to fly.
That is almost as far as the first airplane flight. Wow and thanks for the share.
I'm going to be Mr. Grumpy here and say I think its fake. Its too easy to make a documentary-looking film with a little CG in it.
+Tom Brydon every thread needs a crabby appleton. I believe, though. And, yes, I also believe in unicorns;)
Well everybody knows unicorns are real :) I'll hold to my skepticism until i see better video
That would be cool if it were real.
Stop raining on my tinkerbell parade.
The framerate change at 0:34 is pretty suspicious.
In the two videos i looked at: just before takeoff run starts someones gets between the camera and the guy: a perfect place to cut from live to CG
after my initial excitement, i'm having doubts.

his arms are apparently flapping for no reason; don't seem connected to the wings.

but then when you check his website, he seems pretty legit
Definitely flapping for no reason - their website says the power is from electric motors. His arm motion is just to guide motion sensors (from cel phones?) that instruct the motors what to do. If their website is true then he shouldn't be out of breath at all.
Hey Joe: if his flapping is to activate a motion sensor he doesn't need to do it that hard, those things are really sensitive. Secondly, why does he even need to do that in the first place? Why wouldn't he make the wings go up and down automatically: its not as if they're doing anything other than going up and down at an even speed.
Its a feel good story - everyone wants it to be true.
hey its good to see and hear that humans can fly.hope i get my wings soon
Who needs bird wings when we have Flying Unicorns.
YouTube comment: "It is fake, the guy told his real name on the dutch television, check ''''."
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