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A special halloween pun for #punday: meet Frank Einstein.
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A pun that does not work. Frankenstein was the creator, not the monster. 
+Nathan Hill Depending on the movie film or book you are referencing that is not the case,

There is no reference to calling the monster by any name in the book, however in the original play he is Adam, and in the popular London play in 1927 actually does name the monster Frankenstein after the creator.  So they are all technically correct.

This information is available through Wikipedia, through Susan Tyler Hitchcock, Frankenstein: A Cultural History, NY: WWNorton, 2007

I like calling hims Adam, but that is just IMHO, and I won't bristle at anything short of calling him Steve which is clearly wrong. ;o)
That`s an easy way to kill an idea...........or bring one back........he thinks his friends are a bunch of stiffs  anyway.......
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