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You need to prepare them so there is ash on them and you can walk over with minimal damage. Sounds like they didn't do that correctly this time.
That should be news just as much as when I burnt my tongue after biting into Hot Pocket that was cooking in a microwave for 3 minutes and had molten cheese lava pouring out every crevice accented by randomly located steam geysers ... My stupidity wasnt, and shouldn't have been, news at the time of that incident!
Clearly they weren't thinking positively enough!
Maybe the lesson they were actually supposed to learn was "don't be an idiot and trust stupid people who are obviously trying to scam you"

I can't say I feel sorry for them at all >.> I hear 2,000 degrees and my mind knows that's bad, no matter how positive a mood I'm in. Science and logic, people.
seriously fire walk has been used for centuries and are you calling Tony Robbins a scammer, really?
Not because of the fire walk itself, because of him trying to use it to say you can overcome anything... there's a technique, and it's not just thinking positively. Maybe I'm wrong 'cause I'll be honest I don't know enough details, but anyone who's trying to sell me on the idea that I can overcome anything by telling me to walk across 2,000-degree coals, with a following who buys his books and pays for his classes or whatever, it sure comes across that way. And their response seemed to lack any sympathy, you'd at least expect them to say something nice other than "we've done this many times before and always have supervision." That doesn't tell me why it went wrong this time, it's just them trying to spin it as not their fault.

Seems to me, that this centuries-old tradition was used to trick people into thinking it was their willpower that let them walk across, and not the actual technique and prepping of it all. It's like giving someone a hair dryer and telling them to think positively while using it, and they can achieve dry hair!
Reading up on his lawsuits, I feel I'm probably right about him, but again, I could be wrong. I'm also skeptical of anyone touting the power of God around while making millions of dollars, buying castles, and living luxuriously and famously. >.>
Tony should have taken tips from the Mythbusters , there is a technique to walking across the coals can't just run.... and it's not like he held a gun to their head and made them do it, power of suggestion , so if i suggest you should jump off a bridge and you do  it , does the family get to sue me because you actually did?  
No, and I didn't say he forced them to. Like my original comment said, they're dumb to trust someone who says all it takes is willpower to go across them when it's a certain technique and procedure, not willpower or positive thinking. I placed the original blame with the people, not him. But he does advertise self-improvement and makes claims that manipulate and convince people, and that is almost forcing them, in a subtle way, but I still say it's their fault for buying into it all. He's found a great way to make money, which was his goal self-admittedly it seems. And if people are gonna trust him instead of thinking for themselves, then they only have themselves to blame.

The lawsuits I was referring to are for copyright, plagiarism, and failing to disclose financial stuff.
Also, if Tony told a family to jump off a bridge and promised if they just stayed positive they'd survive, being the well-known and respected person he is, sadly some people might actually fall for that. Because of his respected status and influence, they actually probably could sue him for that. I still say they'd be idiots, but at the same time he's making claims and convincing people of it, so he's at fault too I guess.
Wow, it is getting worse:

Robbins' organization released a statement saying it will look into ways to make the coal-walking event safer if possible. "We have been safely providing this experience for more than three decades, and always under the supervision of medical personnel," the statement said.
Bwahaha. What a gimmick! You can't just tell these people to think positively through the coals. Science trumps them and their feet.
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