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Can't remember when exactly, it's been a few years.
+Stacy Frazer I am almost 1 year and a half, but I am still trying to figure out the bet ways to watch what I want. It becomes a fun game:) 
The only time I've regretted cutting the cord was missing the opening ceremony of the olympics.  I could have gone and bought an HDTV antenna, but pffft.
Yeah I still use Netflix and Amazon Prime
dbk guy
I cut the cord and hope to never go back.
I bet most all of those childless singles will get married and procreate without getting cable. With a 5 year old, we feel absolutely no pull to "mend the cord." Via Netflix streaming, we have a million times more TV than she ever needs to watch. Over the air, she can catch PBS Kids when needed.
My umbilical chord was cut almost 43 years ago and I haven't missed it a single day.
7 years, and I feel as if my mind is finally free!

1984 : Telescreens in every room. The programming runs 24 hours a day, and the proles have no way of turning their screens off.

Now : Televisions in every room. The programming runs 24 hours a day, and the proles rarely turn their screens off.
I've heard rumours about these things called "televisions" although I do spend a fair bit of time on the internet...
+Tad Donaghe 1984 = a book by George Orwell. Prophetically tells of an era when people will be controlled by government propaganda via tv like devices. Check it out, it's a great book.
I know - I'm just saying that it's not necessarily predicting what is happening today - at least not in regards to everyone having TVs spitting out propaganda all day long.

Just the folks that watch Fox News have that problem.
Hmm..I see it on CNN and CBC, BBC, deutsche welle, etc..
+Carole Wozny Good point.  But those of us without cable aren't subjected to nearly as much of that nonsense.  That's what +Liza Sperling's post is about.
I wouldn't say I'd never go buy it again, but it is highly unlikely.  Even with a dvr, the service feels antiquated, like using a lattern at the onset of electric lights.

It isn't that I mind paying for the content, but I do mind paying through the nose for it and being given no control of it in return. 
You nailed it +Tyler Smith.  I don't want to be broadcast to.  Let ME be the damned gatekeeper.
Got one last part of the puzzle to resolve ...

... but gotta plan for that I'll execute this week.

Can't wait to drop in on Time-Warner and tell them to 'take their bundle and shove-it!'
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