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Liza Shaw

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Yet another good reason for not trusting Social workers.

They have gone too far this time

The Telegraph: Woman has child taken from her womb by social services.
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Liza Shaw

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So disappointed. Hubbie won't support me to do an OU degree. He says its a waste of time!

I could do it anyway, but without his support it'll be tough :(

Never thought I'd here someone call education a waste of time.
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Yikes, that's a lot. Is there a way, for now, that you can learn stuff for free. Sometimes a formal piece of paper isn't needed. There's lots of free education resources out there. 
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If you need help using Google+ these tips from +Jeff Bullas should help you avoid some common mistakes. H/T +Jaana Nyström
5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google+

Google+ maybe a newer social network, but it’s a powerful one.

In fact it is now the second largest social media network behind Facebook after only launching just over two years ago.

So why are so many Google+ users confused about how to use it? The fact is, if you’re like most people on Google+, you’re still a little confused about the site.

So what should you do?

- Jeffbullas's Blog

Read more and get the tips:

#Plushelp #Googleplustip #BasicsForPlus
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Your welcome +Jaana Nyström

Welcome to Google+ +Jamie Lynn you'll find lots of help just ask.
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Liza Shaw

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With a great poet the sense of Beauty overcomes every other consideration, or rather obliterates all consideration.
Author: John Keats
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Everything You Need to Know About Moisturizers

Here's the why and when.

My whats are skin so soft for body, anew for face and neck and footworks for feet.

What's your favourite moisturizer?
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Have her in circles
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Liza Shaw

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If anyone is using this I would appreciate an invite please.

Check out: Aviate Beta (Invite Only)

Found it in: All In One !

via Playboard
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Liza Shaw

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This made me giggle, but all this news about poor security at the Palace is worrying.

If they can't keep the Royal's safe what about us mere mortal's? H/T +The Huffington Post UK 
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Liza Shaw

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Are you in the UK, want to meet other Brits here in Google? Check out the peeps in this circle from +Shared Circles UK
This is the UK People Circle

It contains people who are either in the UK, or who have previously lived in the UK. It is for people only. Currently, it holds 483 people. There is also a UK Pages Circle, which as the name suggests is just for Pages (typically business and services) in the UK.

The aim is to gather together a community of people in the UK so that we can share and comment on each others' posts.

Membership of the circle is open to people in the UK, with a UK location in their profile, and with a profile pic. "Blueheads" and people with incomplete profiles will not be admitted. If you are an offshore outsourcer and want to share the circle, then great. You can add the circle if you want, but you will not be admitted to the circle - if people want your services, they will find you.

If you would like to be in this circle, then you need to do three things:
1. Add +Shared Circles UK
2. Share this circle
3. Leave a comment below

I look forward to welcoming you to the UK People Circle
In this Circle:
Add people
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Great circle! nice share +Shared Circles UK and +Liza Shaw. Hope you have a fantastic day.
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These 5 apps are all udeful for staying on top of social media.

My favourite is Flipboard, what about you?

Comment below and share your favourite social media apps...
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Have her in circles
731 people
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Marketing Coach
    marketing coach, present
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Contributor to
Internet Marketing Coach, Helping you to build your home based business using network marketing & social media.
I am in my 40's and live with my husband, cat and dog in a quiet little country village by the coast.

I have been marketing on and offline for around 25 years now, but until about a year ago had only lost a lot of money.

Suddenly, about a year ago, someone showed me a few marketing secrets and after I took action my income started to rise.

I'm not gonna sit here and tell you I'm making millions for 2 reasons, firstly it'd be a lie and secondly those sort of claims just annoy me.

I hate seeing claims that say do this and you'll earn thousands in just a few weeks, you know the kind of thing I mean. Soon as I see a claim like that I turn off.

Yeah ok maybe a few DO earn that kinda cash, but the regular Joe's don't usually, and because they don't earn, or 'only' earn a modest amount the get disheartened and quit, to me that's sad.

I'm earning about $100 a month at mo, which is rising steadily each month. I'm happy with that, and fact I am earning is enough to tell me I'm ok.

Over time that figure will rise as it is already, so that's cool. I'm happy and love what I do and thats what really matters.

I enjoy giving someone a little help when they ask for it, and find that usually even one small tip is enough to see them grow and increase there earnings just that tiny bit.

You know what they say - A big gushing river starts as a tiny trickle of water at the top of a mountain and grows and gathers strength on the way down.

That is my philosophy in marketing, start small and watch it grow as you develop. Ignore those hyped up claims.

LOL and thats my tip of the day.
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The food is excellent, the portions enormous. Service is very friendly. I defy you to find somewhere better for Sunday lunch.
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